Universidad de Chile follows in the footsteps of Luis Diego López.
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Universidad de Chile continues to search for a substitute for Santiago Escobar after a terrible start to the National Championship, in which the blue team has once again struggled with the bottom of the table.

© Getty ImagesUniversidad de Chile follows in the footsteps of Luis Diego López.

Universidad de Chile is having a hard time in the current National Championship with only three victories in 11 games, something that made Santiago Escobar’s cycle as team coach unsustainable, who was also left without a sports manager since Luis Roggiero’s departure from the team was also announced. position.

That is why in the blue team they begin to move at full speed to locate the vacancy that, on an interim basis, will be covered by Sebastián Miranda, and they already have several names on the table and one of them has experience mostly in Europe but with successes on our continent.

This is Luis Diego López, who managed Mauricio Pinilla for a season at Cagliari in Serie A in Italy. The Uruguayan was a footballer for the institution for a long time and from there he had the first opportunity of his career as a strategist, also passing through Bologna and Palermo.

However, his experience has not been exclusive in Europe, as he knew how to make a name for himself in his country’s league with Peñarol, where he only spent a year but which helped him win three titles: the 2018 Closing Tournament, the 2018 Uruguayan Championship and he also won the Opening 2019.

The information was released by the journalist Christopher Antúnez, through the Redgol program in La Clave. “Yes, it is in a folder, it is one of the real options, it is not smoke,” he pointed out about the possible arrival of Luis Diego López at the University of Chile.

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