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Sebastián Rivera, a former professional tennis player and who managed to appear in the ATP ranking, was excluded from any activity related to sport after a resolution in which they stated that he rigged matches.

The match-fixing case punished former Chilean tennis player Sebastián Rivera.
© Getty ImagesThe match-fixing case punished former Chilean tennis player Sebastián Rivera.

Sebasitán Rivera, a former Chilean tennis player who was currently practicing as a coach, was suspended from any activity related to this sport after being found guilty of having fixed matches in a decision made this week.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA, for its acronym in English) declared that whoever reaches number 705 in the ATP ranking will be removed from any activity related to the sport that, for the moment, is provisional while process ends.

Under ITIA statutes they may at any time impose “a Provisional Suspension on a Covered Person, including (I) before a Notice of Major Infraction has been issued, (II) before a Hearing, or (III) at any time after of a Hearing but before the decision of the AHO”, according to its regulations.

In the case of the former national tennis player, the temporary suspension began on May 10 and prevents him from playing, training or attending any type of tennis tournament until the disciplinary process is complete.

Rivera, after stopping playing actively, has dedicated himself to training, eventually working as one of the technicians at Nick Bollettieri’s academy in California. In addition, he came to collaborate with national tennis players such as Bastián Malla and Fernanda Brito.

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