Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

The aim of the F1 Academy series is to develop and prepare young drivers for higher levels of competition

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Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

A new racing series for women will appear next season. About it reported on the Formula 1 website.

The F1 Academy is designed to develop and prepare young female drivers to advance to higher levels of competition including the W Series, Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3.

Five teams will take part in the F1 Academy, each of which will declare three cars. The first season will consist of seven Grands Prix of three races each, for a total of 21 races. The calendar for 2023 will be published later.

Sauber will compete in Formula 1 under the Audi brand from 2026

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The organizers also allocated 15 days for test runs.

“Everyone should be able to follow their dreams and fulfill their potential. <...> That’s why I’m delighted to announce the creation of the F1 Academy, which will give young female drivers the best chance to realize their ambitions with a comprehensive program that will give them everything they need to move into F3 and hopefully into ” F-2″, and then to “F-1”. The more opportunities, the better, and this is done in order to provide drivers with another path to success,” said the head of the “Formula 1” Stefano Domenicali.

In history, only two women, both Italians, started in the main race at the Formula 1 stage – Maria Teresa de Filippis ran five races in the 1950s, and Lella Lombardi started 12 races in the mid-1970s and managed to score points .

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