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Formula 1 in Miami: Drama between Schumacher and Vettel – “I’ll definitely talk to him”

An accident occurred between Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher at the Formula 1 premiere in Miami.
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Of: Alexander Kaidl


Mick Schumacher was about to score his first Formula 1 points. But then there was a crash with Sebastian Vettel.

Miami – Is that bitter! Sebastian Vettel and Mike Schumacher were on course for points in Miami shortly before the end. But then there was a crash between the two Germans, for the Aston Martin driver the race was over afterwards, Mick drove his Haas to the finish – but of course not in the points. It would be the first Formula 1-counter for the son of motorsport legend Michael Schumacher.

An accident occurred between Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher at the Formula 1 premiere in Miami. © PanoramiC / Imago

Max Verstappen won the Miami premiere, beating Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. What do the drivers have to say after the race? We summarize the voices.

Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) after the race over…

… his condition and third place: “I had a bit of pain after the crash on Friday, but it was fine today. It was a tough race, the car slid around a lot. In the end it’s a good result, we can build on that. I would have liked more, but it’s not bad.”

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) after the race over…

… his performance: “It was a very difficult race, we had problems with the medium tires, especially in the first stint. We were more competitive on the hard tyre. Red Bull had an advantage on the pace today but it was fun. Also that so many Ferrari fans are here. Thank you for being there!

… the fight in the World Cup: “We just have to keep pushing. It’s very tight, but that’s how everyone wants to see it.”

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) after the race over…

… his victory: “It was a great Grand Prix, it was very strenuous and exciting right up to the end. I’m very happy with this win, it was an incredible Sunday for us.”

Mick Schumacher (Haas) after the race over…

… the crash: “Of course it’s not always easy to talk about it. If you look at it that way … I could have stayed behind or passed. Too bad, very bad for us. I’ll definitely talk to him about it.”

… the experiences of this weekend: “A strong race will definitely remain. The result counts. We have a good car. Now we just have to manage not to always find ourselves in such a difficult situation. I’ll watch it, chat with Seb about it, hear his point of view and then we’ll go to Barcelona.”

Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) after the race over…

… the accident: “Of course that’s stupid for both of us. I’m sorry we’re both out. I thought I was ahead in the corner, I wasn’t expecting him and when I saw him it was too late. I have to watch it again, I haven’t been able to speak to Mick yet.”

… his performance: “It was very difficult to overtake, I would have guessed that easier. I was able to do much faster at the beginning, but then lost momentum. I was often the step too late. We got close again with the safety car. We would have seen at least eighth place today.” (acl)

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