Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc
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Of: Lena Hempler

The last qualifying of the 2022 season was good for a few surprises and yet Red Bull wins again in the end and grabs the front row of the grid!

Abu Dhabi – Max Verstappen did it again. For the seventh time in the Formula 1 season In 2022, the Dutchman will take pole position, his teammate Sergio Perez comes shortly after on P2. The dispute from Brazil (13.11) seems to be almost forgotten. Verstappen even praised on the radio how well the teamwork had worked during qualifying.

So Perez has the edge in the fight for the vice world championship. However, Charles Leclerc starts directly behind him from P3. The two drivers are tied (290P) in the Driver Rating. The two Mercedes weakened a bit and only managed P5 and P6. It could be the first season in Formula 1 in 16 years for Lewis Hamilton to end without a win!

The press conference of the top three after qualifying. © IMAGO/DPPI

Abu Dhabi: Ricciardo and Schumacher surprise in qualifying

However, the surprise of the day are precisely the three riders who will no longer be part of the grid after this season: Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ricciardo. Mike Schumacher put in a very good lap in Q1, was significantly faster than teammate Magnussen and still made it to P13. Due to Ricciardo’s penalty, the German even starts from P12. Haas had already announcedthat Nico Hülkenberg will take his place in the car from next season.

Also Daniel Ricciardo wanted to show his team once again what they will be missing out on next season. He qualified tenth but will start from P13. Ricciardo takes a grid penalty from the Brazilian GP where he collided with Kevin Magnussen. Ricciardo should continue as a reserve driver at Red Bull next year, Helmut Marko said in an interview with the television channel Sky.

Sebastian Vettel gets the best result of his season

But very special Sebastian Vettel finally showed what he’s made of. Even if the two Red Bulls often got in his way, Vettel was still able to set his fast laps, which brought him to Q3. He will start from ninth on the grid tomorrow. He definitely enjoyed his best result of the season: “This year is a highlight for us. It already feels a bit different, but I was also able to enjoy it a lot.”

For Vettel it will be the 299th Grand Prix on Sunday (November 20th). He celebrated his first victory in Monza in 2008, and Vettel has a total of 53 race victories. He became world champion four times in a row. It remains exciting to see what the German will achieve in the race with his good starting position! (Ihe)

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