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Of: Lena Hempler

Formula 1 made a guest appearance in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. Vettel was still frustrated to hear the radio in the last laps of the race! All this now in the live ticker.

Update from November 20, 2022, 4:40 p.m.: Fernando Alonso had made a clear statement to Sebastian Vettel before the race: “Don’t worry about me on lap one. I won’t attack you, drive your race, enjoy the last formation lap… You are a legend!” These kind and respectful words are not commonplace for the Spaniard – all the better that he wanted to show Vettel the necessary respect!

Final score at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

1. Verstappen 2. Leclerc 3. Perez 4. Sainz
5.Russell 6. Norris 7.Ocon 8. Stroll
9. Ricciardo 10. Hag 11. Tsunoda 12.Zhou
13. Albon 14. Gasly 15. Bottas 16. Schumacher
17. Magnussen DNF Hamilton DNF Latifi DNF Alonso

Update from November 20, 2022, 4:15 p.m.: Sebastian Vettel was a bit frustrated on the radio in the last laps before the end of his career. Aston Martin wanted to use a one-stop strategy, which ended up costing the German a lot of places. “That’s the worst. We’re just being overtaken! Who’s next? We’re a lame duck!” Vettel moaned into the radio on lap 26, only then did he come into the pits and the stop lasted 4.1 seconds! Much too long – nevertheless he was able to move up to P10 again in the end and thus grab the last point of his career.

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi: Verstappen wins, Vettel grabs the last point

58/58 rounds: THE FINAL RACE OF THE SEASON IS OVER! Max Verstappen wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. And Charles Leclerc did it – he crossed the finish line in second place and thus took his runner-up title in the world championship! Perez is close behind in P3. Unfortunately, Hamilton couldn’t finish the race, but Russell still managed to finish fifth. And the two graduates Ricciardo and Vettel also get the last points here in Abu Dhabi!

Sebastian Vettel makes the last donut of his career! © IMAGO/Glenn Dunbar

55/58 rounds: In the last three laps, Hamilton keeps falling behind! He has big problems and seems to be stuck in fifth gear, the Brit has to retire and pits. For the first time since his Formula 1 debut, Hamilton ends the season without a win. Perez is 2.5 seconds short of Leclerc! It remains exciting who will finish the race in second place.

53/58 rounds: Five more rounds! There are only five seconds between Perez and Leclerc. The Mexican has a good chance of finishing second and securing second place in the World Championship, at least he has fresher tires. Vettel has now dropped to P11 but is less than a second behind Ricciardo and could still overtake him to finish in the points!

47/58 rounds: Vettel fought his way back into the points! The German is currently in P10 and could still improve. Perez is getting closer and closer to Leclerc, meanwhile he is already in P3 ahead of Hamilton. There are less than ten seconds between the opponents. Ricciardo is also likely to score points in his last race, the Australian is in P9 ahead of Vettel.

Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi: Mick Schumacher gets a 5-second penalty

40/58 rounds: It looks as if Ferrari is going for a one-stop strategy with Leclerc! However, Perez is already a lot faster with his new tires. Latifi and Schumacher touched in sector two, but luckily both were able to continue for the time being! Latifi has dropped far back to P19, Schumacher is already further up the field in P16 – the German gets a 5-second penalty for the collision, he had misjudged the overtaking.

34/58 rounds: After 15 laps on the hard tires Sainz already has big problems. His teammate Leclerc, on the other hand, drives the personal best time. Red Bull bring in Perez for his second pit stop and the Mexican comes out again on new hard tyres. Vettel keeps climbing up the grid, he’s now in P15, ahead of his friend and competitor Mick Schumacher!

29/58 rounds: For Alonso the last race of the season is over! The Spaniard has to park his car after 28 laps. For him it is the last race at Alpine. He will join Aston Martin next season. Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc gets the fastest race lap with his hard tires. Vettel climbs back up a bit and is already in P16.

Mike Schumacher
Mick Schumacher at the pit stop in Abu Dhabi. © IMAGO/Andy Hone

25/58 rounds: Perez grabs the fastest race lap on his hard tires. Tsunoda, Alonso and Bottas are currently fighting for eleventh place. George Russell got a 5 second penalty from race control for the “unsafe release” in the pits! After 25 laps, Vettel is the only one still driving with the medium tires! How long can the German hold it?

20/58 rounds: The hard tires seem to work well! Russell sets the fastest race lap in P8. It’s quite possible that the Briton will get a penalty for his pit stop. His team let him out of the pits too early and he almost collided with Norris! Race control is investigating the incident. Vettel is currently in P4, but he hasn’t been in the pits yet!

Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi: Mick Schumacher falls far behind

16/58 rounds: The first drivers are slowly coming into the pits to change tires. After his pit stop, Mick Schumacher is only in P19. Among the first teams, Mercedes in particular has problems with the tyres. That’s why Russell comes straight into the pits, but doesn’t have a good stop with 5.2 seconds. Mercedes and Red Bull appear to be going for a 1-stop strategy with Russell and Perez on the hard tyres.

12/58 rounds: After 11 laps, Mick Schumacher is only in P16, his teammate Magnussen is only two behind him in P18. Meanwhile, Vettel is going head-to-head with Ocon and Alonso. The gap between Perez in P2 and Leclerc in P3 is getting bigger – now it’s more than 3 seconds!

5/58 rounds: Lewis Hamilton is now being examined by race control, he has to give his position four back to Sainz. However, Hamilton was able to overtake the Spaniard again in the curve and secured fourth place again. The gap between Perez and Leclerc is over two seconds. Meanwhile, Vettel is driving a solid race on P9.

Max Verstappen
Verstappen didn’t get off to a particularly good start in Abu Dhabi. © IMAGO/Glenn Dunbar

1/58 rounds: Not a good start for Verstappen! Leclerc, on the other hand, gets away well, but remains in P3 for the time being. Lewis Hamilton was almost pushed out by Sainz in the corner, the Spaniard’s action was investigated by the race control, but will not be penalized for it. Mick Schumacher lost two places straight away and is now only in P14.

Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi: Battle for Vice World Championship between Leclerc and Perez

Update from November 22, 2022, 1:55 p.m.: Only a few minutes until the start of the race! For Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc it is about the vice world championship. Perez definitely has the better starting position from P2, but Leclerc is right behind. Will Max Verstappen help his teammate this time? We will probably only see that in the race.

Update from November 22, 2022, 1:45 p.m.: The race starts in 15 minutes. Fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship is at stake for Alpine and McLaren today. Lando Norris and Esteban Ocon start back-to-back. Who will win the start? Alpine is just ahead with 167 points to McLaren’s 148 points!

First report from November 22, 2022, 1:10 p.m.: Abu Dhabi – Logan Sargeant was able to collect enough points for his super license in the last Formula 2 race of the season. He will succeed Nicholas Latifi at Williams. Sargeant is the first US driver in Formula 1 since 2015. Mick Schumacher’s last chance for a cockpit is gone – it’s quite possible that he will drive as a reserve driver for Mercedes next season!

Abu Dhabi GP in the live ticker: Mick Schumacher to Williams?

Haas ends collaboration with Mike Schumacher after this Formula 1 season. They prefer to rely on Nico Hulkenberg. “We have to pull Mick with us. But we need someone who pulls us along,” which is exactly what Günther Steiner expects from Hülkenberg in the coming season. After all, the German has significantly more experience than Mick.

The last vacant cockpit is still at Williams, but the seat has already been promised to Logan Sargeant. However, the American still has to score enough points in Formula 2 for his super license. So in the race he has to be at least seventh for that to happen. So for Mick there is still a little bit of hope for a possible cockpit in 2023.

Logan Sargeant
Can Logan Sargeant collect enough Super License Points for Formula 1? © IMAGO/Eibner/Memmler

Last Grand Prix for Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel: farewell dinner and alpacas

299 races, 57 pole positions and 53 wins. This statistic adorns the resume of Sebastian Vettel and the numbers will probably stay the same for the time being. With his Aston Martin, victory in the last race of the season seems unlikely. Vettel has already been given a fitting farewell by the other drivers with a group dinner. The entire grid was out and about on Thursday evening (17.11) and left the restaurant with a hefty bill, which Lewis Hamilton is said to have paid in full.

For Sebastian Vettel it is the weekend of farewells and gifts. The Sky Germany team also presented the German with a rather unusual gift. They want to give him several alpacas for Vettel’s farm, with which he could go hiking. “Hopefully I don’t get spat on,” he joked at the end of the interview. But before he takes care of the alpacas, he has to do one last race! (Ihe)

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