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Of: Lena Hempler

For Sebastian Vettel, the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi was the last of his career. At the end he even got a point.

Abu Dhabi – The last race of the 2022 season is over. Max Verstappen emerges as the winner from Abu Dhabi (November 20th) and Charles Leclerc secures second place in the world championship! Sebastian Vettel drove the last race of his career – he is going into well-deserved retirement after this season. Formula 1 will definitely miss him!

One of Vettel’s biggest rivals, Fernando Alonso, went to him before the start of the race: “Don’t worry about me on lap one. I won’t attack you, drive your race, enjoy the last formation lap… You’re a legend!” Those were the words he told him – you rarely see so much respect in motorsport. The German isn’t quite realizing the end yet. “The big bang won’t come until tomorrow,” he realizes.

Sebastian Vettel makes the last donut of his career! © IMAGO/Glenn Dunbar

Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi: Vettel feels empty after last weekend

After the last race weekend, the German felt a bit empty, but he would have wished for a better race: “I wish there had been a few more points. But I enjoyed the race.” During the anthem, Vettel got a little lost in his thoughts, but as soon as the lights went out he was back in full racing mode. Nevertheless, at the end of the race, the radio got emotional and thanked his team for the last two years: “You are great people and I wish you a better car next year!”

“The whole weekend was wonderful,” enthuses Sebastian Vettel. Nevertheless, he also looks critically at his past at Aston Martin: “The last two years were a bit disappointing from a sporting point of view, but important for my personal life”, he also appeals again to pass on a certain responsibility to the younger generation and he makes it clear that racing isn’t everything: “I think there are far bigger and far more important things than driving in circles. But of course it’s what we love. And it’s great when we can convey some really important values ​​through it.”

In the end, friend and protégé Mick Schumacher only had kind words for Sebastian Vettel. “That was your last race. I hope you’re enjoying the time at home for now. We’ll see each other very soon!” And Lewis Hamilton doesn’t believe that it was the end of Vettel’s career: “We keep seeing drivers who make their comeback. So I sit here and accept that this is your last race. But: He’ll be back. “We’ll see if Vettel will return to Formula 1 one way or the other! (Ihe)

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