Four out of ten nurses and nursing assistants plan to leave the sector

Four out of ten nurses and nursing assistants plan to leave their sector of activity, on the one hand because of the health crisis (27% cite this reason) and on the other hand for lack of appreciation (52%). This is reported on Wednesday, on the eve of Nurses Day, the medical recruitment firm Express Medical. However, nurses and caregivers say they feel more valued in their work compared to 2019. Nearly half of the 1,153 Belgian professionals surveyed in April on their well-being at work say they feel more recognized in their daily work. of their profession by their family and friends (48%) and 42% feel more appreciated by patients.

However, they often feel that their work is not sufficiently recognized by society (72%), while 67% believe that improvements are still needed at the level of the management of care establishments.

Added to this lack of consideration are the consequences of the health crisis, a major staff shortage and high pressure at work. Aging also plays a role since, in the years to come, a large number of nurses and carers will retire, notes Express Medical.

For the recruitment firm, adequate remuneration, greater valuation and better attractiveness of the sector in general are the main ways to make work in the care sector more attractive. Attention also needs to be given to staff retention and training.

Finally, project nurses, who have a fixed contract and always work for a certain period – often between 6 to 9 months – for a given health care facility, can also help solve this problem, concludes Express Medical.

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