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Find out here, when you should be vaccinated with the fourth dose to protect yourself from Covid-19.

Fourth Dose: How to know when it's time to vaccinate
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Before the arrival of new waves of infections by Covid-19, the campaign for vaccination of the fourth dose It is ongoing, and even more so given the increase in cases that have been on the rise in recent weeks.

According to the report delivered today by the minsalwere reported 11,027 new COVID cases. Of these cases, 6,091 are symptomatic, 1,654 asymptomatic people Y 3,291 unreported cases. Data that reveals a no less important rise in cases in our country, although with the difference that we have several doses that have protected us compared to previous years.

However, from the minsal have reiterated the call to go to vaccinationwith the same self-care as the use of a mask and physical distance, in order to protect ourselves from diseases such as coronavirus, influenza, among others.

When is my fourth dose due?

During this week, those who have received their booster dose until January 2 may be vaccinated (from Monday 6 to Sunday 12 June 2022). Otherwise, you can click HERE and review the complete vaccination schedule that corresponds to you.

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