France: nearly 200 women demand the resignation of the Minister of Solidarity

“The question is simple: can Damien Abad, as his duties require, embody the general interest?” ask the signatories of the forum launched by the Observatory of sexist and sexual violence in politics and the feminist association # WeAll. “Can he, when three women accuse him of rape or attempted rape and that many people, including elected officials of the Republic, have testified to completely inappropriate behavior?”, Continues this forum, signed in particular by elected representatives of the opposition including Laurence Rossignol (PS), Alice Coffin (ecologist) and Clémentine Autain (LFI).

A hundred women gathered on Monday at Place du Châtelet in Paris to demand his resignation, as well as that of Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, noted an AFP journalist.

“We want to draw attention to the huge gap between Emmanuel Macron’s second pseudo ‘great cause’ of the five-year term and the continued government of Gérald Darmanin and Damien Abad, two men accused of rape and gender-based violence, in government. “, explained Fatima Benomar, of #NousToutes.

For his part, Damien Abad refuted the accusations brought against him in Médiapart, denouncing the “carefully chosen schedule” and the “partiality” of the newspaper’s investigation.

“To reduce this violence, the men who commit it must grasp the gravity and the criminality of their acts. If ministers can act with complete impunity, a blank check seems to be sent to all the others”, continues the tribune also signed by actress Adèle Haenel.

“In a company, if a person accused of sexual harassment was protected by his employer, kept in his post, without an internal investigation, without a preventive measure, without a temporary layoff while an investigation was deployed, the responsibility of the company could be engaged. (…) Why would the ministers be above the laws which are imposed on the whole of society?”, continues the text. The signatories demand “the immediate resignation of Damien Abad and of any person implicated in sexual violence with a political mandate”.

Damien Abad, former leader of the Les Républicains deputies who rallied to Emmanuel Macron after the presidential election, was re-elected on Sunday as a deputy in Ain, with 57.86% of the vote against candidate Nupes.

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