Ariel Polvergiani, Rodrigo Ortega Sánchez and José Alberto Viciconti, part of the ASART Board of Directors and fans of the trick.

Trick. I want to re trick. I want worth four. seven words that encompass thousands of stories behind it, that can be heard if we go through any barbecue or meeting between friends, those playful tables of development societies and, from this weekend, also in the venues that make up the first edition of the Liga Nacional de Truco (LNT). Yes, an official tournament, federated and with representation of the most important clubs in the country, to the quintessential card game of Argentines.

will be more than 50 the clubs that will participate in the form face-to-face of the inaugural edition of this event, which will begin regionalized in various cities of the countryFederal Capital, Greater Buenos Aires, Rosario, Santa Fe, Tucumán, General Villegas and Chivilcoy) and which will culminate next December with the Final phaseto which they will arrivethe top twelve in search of the champion.

One of the captivating points that causes the most importance is the participation of soccer clubs such as Boca, River, Racing, Independiente, San Lorenzo, Huracán, Vélez, Ferro, Argentinos Juniors, Tigre, South Dock, among others, only in the AMBA region. In the vast majority, they organized internal tournaments between male and female members to determine the four members from the bona fide list, of which two must go play date to date.

“This is a dream that we devised a long time ago with a group of friends, when in 2015 we created the Argentine Trick Association, then a unified regulation because each province has a way of playing and from there we dream of equaling behind the cards the most important clubs in the country with those from the neighborhood that accompanied us all in our childhood and adolescence. The pandemic postponed our project but it did not knock it down and we are very happy to see this first step completed”confided José Alberto Viciconti, president of the ASART, during the official launch of the LNT.

Ariel Polvergiani, Rodrigo Ortega Sánchez and José Alberto Viciconti, part of the ASART Board of Directors and fans of the trick.

The link with soccer, the most popular sport in Argentina, comes by decantation. It is that in most concentrations or trips of male or female teams it is usually the game par excellence when it comes to choosing to disconnect and separate from exclusively sports obligations.

“It forces you to weave strategies, to think, to imagine and read gestures or signs (the way you have to communicate the cards that you have to your partner), movements, words that can hide something else behind. We want to get you out of the prejudice of the timba and recover the playful space of the cards”assured Rodrigo Ortega SanchezASART secretary.

There was a close antecedent to this LNT and it was the National Cup which was held last December and consecrated the couple representing the Jockey Club of Rosario. Also, in the Repechage Cup, Boca Juniors lifted the trophyafter losing the first Superclassic of history vs. Riverwhich was later removed.

“The December event demonstrated the passion we have for this sport. The good reception from the clubs invited us to go for more and this is what we will try in this edition of the National League. That is why we created ASART, so that the trick does not die”, added beto Viciconti, who together with the Board of Directors promotes, in parallel, the appointment of the national trick day through the National Congress.

Boca and River, face to face in the first trick Superclassic in history, which was left in the hands of the Millionaire in December 2021. Photo: ASART Press.

Boca and River, face to face in the first trick Superclassic in history, which was left in the hands of the Millionaire in December 2021. Photo: ASART Press.

Classics and champion.

To play the trick you don’t need too many items. A deck of Spanish cards from which 8s and 9s are drawn, and in which each group of cards is measured by a table of values. The same, like the unified regulation, can be consulted on the ASART website (

“When we began to imagine this tournament with the clubs, we realized that we needed help, that’s when we contacted the Scouting consultancy and together we came up with the best alternatives. We are very happy to have started this first National League, but not we want to stay here, we want a tournament as federal as possible, with promotions and relegations, similar to any other sport. Because for us, the trick is that, a national sport”Viciconti added.

Ferro's partner, who on the first date beat Vélez in the classic.  Photo: ASART Press.

Ferro’s partner, who on the first date beat Vélez in the classic. Photo: ASART Press.

This last weekend, the first date of the Sword group of the AMBA region was played, which had Ferro’s victory over Vélez (3-0) in one of the soccer classics changed to the trick. The other results? Pacific 3 – Tiger 0; AFALP 3 – Sportivo Alsina 0; San Lorenzo 3 – Argentine Juniors 0; and Hurricane 3 – Deportivo Alvear 0. On each day -which is organized in different venues-, the teams play three “boys” at 30 points each.

The next weekend will begin the other area of ​​the Federal Capital and the suburbs of Buenos Aires called Coarsewhich contains Boca, River, Racing, Independent, Miter de Avellaneda, Dock Sud, Great Legacy, Youth Orientation, Youth of Wilde, Campos de Sarandí Y Villa Gonnet.

Between June and November, all the teams will play one date against their rivals. Then, in AMBA, the winners of each zone will advance to the Final phasewhile the second to fifth place will play a Reduced to direct elimination to determine the other two slots available for this region, the first to start the competition.

“For us, the trick has everything to be a professional sport and that is what we want to spread. This National League comes to lay the foundations for a much more ambitious idea that has no ceiling”Viciconti closed.

The trick dictionary.

Although the story differs depending on who tells it, the main currents center the origin of the trick in Spain, even in the XV century, with the Muslim invasions. It then spread to South America (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil) and northern Italy.

According to the ASART rulebook, to start a trick game “the shuffling player must offer the deck to the immediate opposing player to the left to cut (separate the deck into 2 parts) and then hand three cards to each one of the four players (you can also play two, three or six), starting the game with the one immediately to your right, dealing one card at a time”.

“The cards have a certain value and scores, for each stage of the game. These stages are made up of 2 parts: SHIP Y TRICK and once the cards are dealt, the game will begin. The player sitting immediately to the right of the dealer (who is “hand”) will be the one to play the first card, then successively the other players until the end of the first ’round'”Explain.

In the same regulation, in addition, the common phrases that can be heard in a trick game:

Boy: This is the name given to the partial played to 30 points (a match is played to the best of three boys, but in the National League the three are disputed by tiebreaker criteria).

Bad: It is the boy’s first 15 points.

Good: is the second half of the partial (second 15 points). It is considered to enter in good once reached the point 16.

Hand: The first player to the right of the dealer.

Foot: refers to the last player of each team.

total foot: refers to the dealer.

Figure/Black: This is the name given to decks 10, 11 and 12 of any suit.

Male: This is the name given to the 1 of spades.

Female: This is the name given to the 1 of clubs.

7 brave: This is the name given to the 7 of spades.

7 false: This is the name given to the 7 of basto and the 7 of cups.

Ace/Width False: they are the 1 of gold and the 1 of cups.

Go/Come to foot: means to play a low value card for the Trick.

old: this is considered to have 27 points for the raise.

So many/Y pa: usual question to know if the partner adds points to the raise.

Parda/Put up there: It is called like this when a card is played that tied the value of the cards already played to the trick.

Pica pica: refers to the 6 player mode (3 per team).

To kill: play a card of higher value to the trick than exposed on the table.

Put: play a value card for the trick.

go to the deck: supporting the cards in the deck, resigning the possibility of playing any of them, has the same effect as passing.

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