Carlos Silva Rojas

The historic former Cacique player was happy after the victory against Curicó Unido, anticipated the match with River for the Copa Libertadores and analyzed the return of the scorer to Macul, now with the Coquimbo Unido shirt.

Paredes can return to Macul
© AgencyOneParedes can return to Macul

colo colo It is pure joy, because this Monday he returned to the top of the National Championship alone, after winning by a tight 2-1 to Curico Unidowith goals from Juan Martín Lucero and Gabriel Suazo at La Granja.

Someone who does not miss any Cacique game is Gabriel Mendoza, who spoke with RedGol after the commitment and was satisfied, despite how closed the complement was.

“It is a situation that has been going on for a long time, both in the Copa Libertadores and at the local level, where that has been seen, with a remarkable first half and a second where they fall physically and football-wise. That also happened because Curicó had to win, he’s there in the table, he raised his level a lot and Colo Colo defended himself well, and that defined the match,” he said in the first instance.

“It’s a very good win, because it’s a direct rival, with a team that had been hot on our heels and we’re now alone at the top,” he added.

Then, he analyzed the other great Colombian challenge in 2022, the Copa Libertadores, where he is in second place in Group F and must visit River Plate in Buenos Aires.

“It would be spectacular to get a point in Argentina, but it will be defined here in the Monumental with Fortaleza, it will be a very difficult rival, a team that resumed its path, but Colo Colo has to take advantage of our home and our people. River is the rival to beat, it is one of the candidates to win the Cup and a draw would be wonderful, but I personally believe that everything is defined with the Brazilians,” he explained.

Finally, the next duel of Colo Colo was mentioned, which will be against Coquimbo Unido, a club where Esteban Paredes plays, the last great idol of the white people.

“I hope Paredes gets to play, because he deserves the recognition, he is the last great reference and idol of Colo Colo and he more than deserves it. I hope he receives all the love, because the Monumental is his home, he earned everything in Colo by fire , his name is written in all white hearts,” he closed.

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