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The captain of Colo Colo spread the word through his social networks, where he took a few minutes to publish a video, where he explains a phrase where he said that “the team is very important, but for me it is more important that my friend does well” . In that sense, he assures that the idea was misunderstood, where he believes that nothing is more important than the club.

Gabriel Suazo assures that he does not put Solari's option on Colo Colo.
© Agency OneGabriel Suazo assures that he does not put Solari’s option on Colo Colo.

An important clarification wanted to make the player and captain of colo colo Gabriel Suazowho used his social networks to explain a phrase he said in an interview and that has to do with the possible departure of Paul Solari in this pass market.

It was in an interview with ESPN where the man who wears the horse in Cacique gave his opinion of a possible transfer of Solari to Mexican soccerwhere as a friend he gave his opinion of his partner’s future.

“As I say, I want the best for my friend. The institution is very important, the team is very important, but for me it is more important that my friend do well and continue to grow as a player, and I hope that is the case. Be it now or at the end of the year, that he can continue to grow as a player to be able to fulfill his dream, which is what he wants”, he said at the time.

This statement was taken in many ways by white fans, where they even criticized him for saying that the player was more important than the institution. Something that Suazo wanted to clarify to calm the waters.

“I wanted to clarify some of my statements a little, on a topic that was discussed because of what was happening with Pablo where many understood it, but another part did not. At no time did I say that Pablo or any player is above Colo Colo. Never , because it will never be like that. Colo Colo will always be the most important thing anywhere, because he is the most popular and greatest in Chile, whoever he is. I think of it that way, that the club is above any player, leadership or coaching staff.” , he began by saying.

“They asked me about a particular issue that Pablo was experiencing. Based on that was my answer, I commented that for me the most important thing is my family and friends, I want them to succeed and do well, wherever they are. If Pablo he welcomes leaving, staying or whatever, I’ll be with him. He’s my friend and I want the best for him, that he fulfill his dream,” said the white captain.

In that sense, Suazo assured and made it clear that “at no time did I say that Pablo or any person is more important than Colo Colo, because it is not like that. I will never think that.”

In the same way, the player apologized to those who did not understand his way of expressing the situation, although he hopes that they will be satisfied with the clarification.

“I wanted to clarify it because I do not like that there are doubts or comments that the truth does not represent me. I hope you will forgive me for perhaps not expressing myself in the best way and that not everyone could understand me,” he concluded.

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