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Chilean national team

Gabriel Suazo acknowledged that together with Esteban Pavez they followed live the match that Chile beat Betis 5-0 and assures that it is a demonstration that Colo Colo can play on an equal footing with more competitive rivals.

Gabriel Suazo saw the match between Colo Colo and Betis at dawn in Europe
© Guillermo Salazar/RedgolGabriel Suazo saw the match between Colo Colo and Betis at dawn in Europe

Although Gabriel Suazo was nominated for the Chilean team by Colo Colo, his contract with the popular team lives on in the last days. The Cacique captain has his mind set on making the leap to a more competitive league and he acknowledged this this morning, at the press conference prior to the match that the Red will play this Sunday against Slovakia in Bratislava.

“I always have the goal of continuing to grow in my career, as a person, as a professional and as a player. Taking that leap would be very important for my career, to contribute little by little to the national team,” reflects the man who jumped from national competition to ownership in the left band of the selection.

For this reason, Gabi also recognizes the aforementioned Chilean teams. “It doesn’t have to be against being in local football, if you make an effort and train to the fullest. I have shown it, Esteban (Pavez) and Brayan (Cortés) have shown it when they have had to play and many more. And I hope that they continue in this way”, pointed out the left-hander.

“We saw the Colo Colo match with Betis”

Colo Colo’s 5-0 win over Betis in an exhibition match went around the world. And Gabriel Suazo was aware of the distance and the difference of six hours with central Europe. “We watched the entire game with Esteban in the piece and I was happy for my teammates. They faced the game in good shape, you have to think about the size of the rival,” he acknowledged.

In any case, Gabi still believes that “although it was a big result and we played a good game, it’s a friendly game. Betis is already thinking a little more about vacations… it must be strange for them to travel so many hours (to South America) because in the Europa League the trips are one or two hours”.

But the comfortable victory left a conclusion that excites the side. “It is very good to measure ourselves at that high level and show that we are here to compete. We showed it for the Copa Libertadores, we were minutes away from moving forward and that is important for us. We hope to do better this Copa Libertadores, we can compete equally if we we propose it”, completes Suazo.

Colo Colo will face Betis again this Saturday in Viña del Mar. In this way, the cast of Manuel Pellegrini will put an end to his tour of South America, in which he fell 4-0 against River Plate in Mendoza and then 5-0 against Colo Colo in Concepcion.

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