Gallardo recognized that the Tigre goalkeeper did not commit a penalty against Palavecino

Tigres surprised in the League Cup by eliminating River Plate (2-1) at the Monumental Stadium in a match plagued by controversial actions. One of those happened when Matías Palvecino entered the rival area, but fell and the “Millo” fans got up from their seats to demand a penalty because they considered that the goalkeeper Gonzalo Marinelli blocked the player.

However, after the commitment, the DT of the “Banda”, Marcelo Gallardo, pointed out that the judge made the correct decision to continue the game. “It’s okay that he didn’t validate it. There was no intention of the goalkeeper. It was a hit by the referee. Initially I thought Palavecino was missing, but when I saw him on television it was not like that “He pointed out at a press conference.

On the other hand, he provided a brief analysis of the meeting. “We did not find the paths, we were not lucid to see the possibilities. There was a change from the team to keep trying beyond the blocks we found on penetrations. The discount goal came and that gave us the momentum and hit them. It could have been a clean and jerk in the game and the other goal came from them that hit us very hard”, declared.

“We got better at intentions and search in the second. Sometimes, when mistakes are made and we suffer goals, there is a major emotional blow. As much as you want to get out, you have to rearm again. Sometimes you can do it, but sometimes it is not enough”he added.

In the same way, he recognized the virtues of the rival. “You have to congratulate Tigre, he was always in the game. We weren’t on the best night and we made mistakes that could mean major emotional shocks. It is possible that something like tonight will happen. To turn the page and try to be more regular in what is to come, which is going to teach us”, mentioned.

“I usually make a precise self-criticism of what I see and feel, and we must continue working. It will continue to be so. You can not always win. When you have to lose, you have to keep working. Stop and go”he expressed.

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