Gallardo's reassuring message after signing the worst start of his award-winning cycle in River

River added two points out of nine at stake in the first three dates of the Professional League. It is the worst start in the era of Marcelo Gallardo. His teams had added three units in three games at the start of the seasons championship 2016-2017 Y 2018-19. But, beyond the statistics, the Doll sent a reassuring message: “We are in a negative streak but we must not despair or be confused”. He was not worried, although he was attentive to this complicated situation. “Sometimes we need to make better decisions”he acknowledged.

River’s coach deepened the analysis, after the defeat against Colón, in Santa Fe: “Justifying a loss is never easy. But we couldn’t capture the passages of the game that we had with a goal. We did not manage to convert in those good moments that we had and then we paid dearly for it in our goal. Their goal hit us too much”.

Regarding the VAR decisions (Wanchope Ábila’s goal was validated by the technology, which determined that the former Boca striker was on the same line as River’s last defender despite the fact that assistant 1, Facundo Rodríguez, had raised the flag), Gallardo opined: “The response takes too long, especially with advanced positions. It’s too long it took to draw the lines. And that goes against the game, it makes it not flow”.

And he completed: “I had congratulated Loustau at the end of the first half for the dynamics that there was and because he helped the game to have dynamism. And I saw the play of the goal and it is very fine”.

With the topic of reinforcements, Gallardo was not punctual as in the previous press conference and avoided referring to Luis Suárez or another player in a particular way. “Everything within our reach we will do. Afterwards, what does not depend on us is something else. There is no news so far. And we will continue working for what is within our reach may happen “hill.

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