Gasoline price in Mexico 2022: LPG fuel how much is it worth today, Tuesday, May 10

The world economy has begun to feel the fluctuation of prices in different inputs due to the instability generated by the war between Russia and Ukraine. The price of gasoline is of concern in several countries, especially in Mexico where it is followed carefully if its cost shoots up.

What is the current price of gasoline in Mexico?

The national average price of gasoline in Mexico today, Tuesday, May 10, has a value per liter in Mexican pesos of:

Great 21.56

Premium 23.41

Diesel 23.11

What is the price of gasoline today in CDMX?

In Mexico City the average price of gasoline per liter is:

Great 22.17

Premium 24.28

Diesel 23.25

How much is a liter of gasoline worth in the cities of Mexico?

Here we leave you the price of gasoline in the main cities of Mexico.

Gasoline price today in Sonora

Great 21.22

Premium 23.47

Diesel 23.36

Gasoline price today in Jalisco

Great 22.13

Premium 24.18

Diesel 23.23

Gasoline price today in State of Mexico

Great 21.56

Premium 23.61

Diesel 22.88

Gasoline price today in Guerrero

Great 22.53

Premium 23.78

Diesel 23.77

Gasoline price today in Chiapas

Great 21.34

Premium 22.94

Diesel 22.95


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