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The moment was recorded by the anonymous, who spoke to the Emoff website about what happened.

Reproduction/Official Instagram of Tati Minerato - Tati poses for social networks.
Reproduction/Official Instagram of Tati Minerato – Tati poses for social networks.

During this morning, Thursday (23), Tati Mineratoformer participant of Power Couple Brazil, was caught in a moment of violence in the parking lot of a shopping center in Arujá, São Paulo. Alongside her mother, Sylvia Minerato, the blonde got into a fight with an elderly woman, according to information on the website. With youand came to fruition.

In a conversation with columnist Fábia Oliveira, from In off, the anonymous woman, who decided not to have her identity revealed, stated that she had closed Tatiane’s passage, but soon cleared the passage and apologized, but it was no use. “Today, I quickly closed the passage of Tatiane Minerato’s car. I immediately apologized several times and, without success in my apology, she got out of the car and after several, many curses – the most horrible, she physically attacked me. She punched, scratched and kicked my vehicle”, said. Then the woman revealed that even Sylvia would have shouted profanity. “Soon after came her mother, a lady who unimaginably screamed horrible words. ‘Vagab*’ was the mildest”lamented.

The model was contacted by the columnist, but preferred to send a statement from her mother. According to Sylvia, the story was different from what the anonymous woman reported. “40 minutes passed, this woman got into her car and said nothing. We asked: ‘So, lady, you leave the car here, what is this? We’ve been waiting a long time’. And I was feeling sick, because I had had a medical procedure. I was very nervous at the time”, said the mother. About the offenses, the model’s mother said it was “lead exchanged”. “This woman swore at me and then the swearing started between her and me. […] “She threatened to get out of the car several times to attack my daughter, saying it would hit her in the face. I actually swore at her, but that was because she did it first. She didn’t apologize or anything, she’s such a slacker.”revealed.

The moment was recorded by the anonymous, who had her hand scratched when Tati tried to snatch her cell phone, and she has already made a report against the famous, according to information from Fábia Oliveira. The video was published on the “Videos Em Off” page, on Twitter, and created a buzz among netizens.

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