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Valery Gazzaev named the main advantages of increasing the number of substitutions in football matches

Valery Gazzaev noted that the decision to increase the number of substitutions was long overdue due to the change in the dynamics of European football

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Valery Gazzaev

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Increasing the number of substitutions from three to five will allow maintaining a high pace of matches and quickly varying the tactical model of the game. This was announced to RBC Sport by the ex-coach of the Russian national team and CSKA Valery Gazzaev.

“The increase to five substitutions is a very important introduction to match dynamics. This is an opportunity to vary the tactical scheme of the game, to strengthen the attack or defense where necessary. This rule will keep the pace of the game high. Today there is enough contact football, a lot of injuries, these five substitutions will diversify the course of the game. This decision has been brewing for a long time, given the high level of dynamics of European football, which is at very high speeds. In my opinion, this is a good decision,” said Gazzaev.

The former coach of the Russian national team emphasized that the teams that are at the top of the standings have a stable squad that needs only forced replacements. “It’s hard to name those with a wider bench as favorites. In any team that claims to high places, there is always a stable composition. Very rarely coaches make significant adjustments. These substitutions are forced if the player is injured or cautioned, or tactical at the end of the match or in the middle of the game to strengthen the attack or defense, ”he said.

Semi-automatic VAR system for offsides will appear at the World Cup in Qatar

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The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has approved a five-time substitution rule on a permanent basis, it was announced at a press conference after the board’s meeting in Doha.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a decision was temporarily made to increase substitutions from three to five players in order to reduce the workload on athletes.

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