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General Velásquez receives a punishment before facing Universidad de Chile

Javier Garcia

Second division

A ruling by the ANFP confirmed the subtraction of three points for General Velásquez, a cast that marches as sub-leader in the Second Division. The cast of San Vicente de Tagua Tagua was sanctioned for not complying with the Under 21 rule in the championship.

The cast of the sixth region was accused of not complying with the Sub 21 standard
© General VelasquezThe cast of the sixth region was accused of not complying with the Sub 21 standard

General Velásquez excited in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua. The cast accumulates six wins and is in second place in the Second Division standings with -until yesterday- 20 points, but a violation of the regulations ended up complicating them.

The club was accused of not having the minimum number of Under 21 players when it was measured against Deportes Limache for the sixth date of the Second Division Championship, a duel in which it took a victory. Finally, the failure was known and the General will be sanctioned with the loss of the three points.

With the punishment, the cast of the sixth region remains as sub-leader, but remains with 17 points and loses an important advantage. Those directed by César Bustamante were only one point above their closest followers, Rodelindo Román and Deportes Concepción.

For its part, Deportes Limache obtained three important points, although it lost one after being sanctioned on June 14 for exceeding the salary limit established for the season. With all this, the brewers will add two and will be left with nine points, moving up one position and escaping from the now bottom-ranked Independiente de Cauquenes.

The confirmation of the ruling for General Velásquez comes two days after facing Universidad de Chile for the third phase of the Copa Chile. Those from San Vicente come from beating Cóndor in the first round and Santa Cruz in the second, and will face the Blues again after 33 years.

This Sunday they will receive the U, only with local fans in El Teniente de Rancagua. A week later they will visit Diego López’s team at the Santa Laura to play the return leg.

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