The controversial offside that Héctor Jona did not even come to look at the VAR.

El Romántico Viajero had the opportunity to go into the break with the score 1-1 against Everton after a goal by Chorri Palacios, but referee Héctor Jona received help from the video arbitration truck to collect a millimetric offside that raised many questions. And he didn’t even come to look at it at VAR.

© TNT SportsThe controversial offside that Héctor Jona did not even come to look at the VAR.

Everton Y University of Chile live an electrifying match at the Sausalito stadium valid for the date 13 of the National Championship 2022where again a controversy carried out by the referees stole the glances and generated the deep annoyance of the blue bench.

The 36th minute of the commitment was lived in the Viñamarino venue when Cristian Palacios received a clearance from his teammate Ronnie Fernández to push her and beat Fernando De Paul scoring 1-1, since they fell 1-0 thanks to a great goal by Juan Cuevas, but everything was cancelled.

The line judge took an offside position that extinguished the celebration at the Romántico Viajero although Felipe Seymour and Luis Felipe Gallegos ran to complain to the referee Héctor Jona, who calmed them down assuring them that he was receiving information from the VAR.

However, the central judge received from the video arbitration booth the instruction that he had to annul the goal and that is what he did, without even approaching to look at a play that could perfectly have been validated. Moreover, the situation generated a lot of doubts among those in charge of the official broadcast on TNT Sports as well as on the blue bench, who reacted indignantly at the controversial charge.

The situation deeply upset the bench that today is commanded by Sebastián Miranda on an interim basis, and the controversial payment meant they finished the first 45 minutes falling 1-0 against the Viñamarino cast led by Francisco Meneghini.

You can see the controversy below:

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