Georges Louis Bouchez: "It's not our job to defend the government, we must not hide the truth"

Relations between liberal families in the north and south of the country have been rocky in recent days. The “subtilization” of Alexia Bertrand (Brussels deputy MR) by the Open VLD on Friday had first set fire to the powder. The statements of Egbert Lachaert on the RTL TVI set on Sunday then added fuel to the fire. The damning tweet from Georges-Louis Bouchez – in which he drew a very negative assessment of the Vivaldi – was not intended to put out the fire. Finally, on Monday, a joint statement from MR and Open VLD seemed to hint at a sign of appeasement.

Monday evening, on the plateau of Terzake (VRT), Georges-Louis Bouchez indeed seemed more moderate in his remarks. If he said he was “determined” to collaborate more effectively with the Flemish liberals, the president of the MR affirmed that the peace found between the two parties should above all not result in an adaptation of communication. “Lhe MR is a party that wants to tell the truth in an offensive way. We will continue to do soinsisted the Montois. You have to be honest in politics, it’s the hallmark of the MR.

“Eva De Bleeker has sounded the alarm”

In the future, Georges-Louis Bouchez should therefore not be less critical of the government, of which the MR is nevertheless a part. “It is not our job to defend the government. We must be loyal to decisions, but we must not hide the truth“, specified the Liberal, while reiterating his confidence in Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. “I don’t have a problem with anyone, but what I want is for us to get results for the whole country.”

Finally, Bouchez returned to the resignation of Eva De Bleeker from her post as Secretary of State for the Budget. “I don’t have to meddle in the choices of the Open VLD […] But personally, I would like to say that Eva De Bleeker was not unworthy. She sounded the alarm bells on a whole series of problems. I would like to tell him how much I share a series of his analysis, and this is the case more broadly at the level of the liberal family. I hope that we will be able to resolve these difficulties in the coming weeks, the coming months.

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