Georges-Louis Bouchez judges the boycott of the World Cup "hypocritical" : "In politics, you have to dare to get your hands dirty to progress"

The president of MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, will go to Qatar for the Belgian World Cup match against Morocco, he writes in the columns of Het Nieuwsblad. The Liberal describes the boycott of the World Cup as “totally hypocritical”, but the intention to go there only from the semi-finals, for example, is just as much, he believes.

“Surely leave all this ethical cinema behind you,” he says, as a World Cup columnist for the Flemish media. The federal government decided earlier this month to send Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib to Qatar to attend one of the Red Devils group matches. This decision was obviously controversial. Qatar pays little attention to women’s and LGBTQI+ rights, and has on its conscience the deaths of thousands of migrant workers employed to build its football stadiums.

The call for a boycott therefore resounded. But it would be “total hypocrisy”, writes the president of the MR. “We are negotiating energy and construction contracts with Qatar, the Qataris have also helped us in the Afghan refugee crisis, but when football is played, we should stay on the sidelines. gap? It’s absurd,” said Bouchez. Furthermore, “nothing will ever change if we ignore countries like this”. “In politics, you have to dare to get your hands dirty in order to progress”.

Georges-Louis Bouchez also refers to the controversial speech by Fifa President Gianni Infantino on the eve of the World Cup, in which the Swiss was annoyed with Europe’s “double standard” in the run-up to world Cup. “I also regret the disrespectful way in which he delivered his message. But I agree with his premise that the West could be a little less hypocritical,” Bouchez said. The MR chief will soon travel to Doha himself, probably for the Red Devils game against Morocco. He also wants to be present if the Belgians play the final. “So a lot of politicians will do their best I think. I’ve heard some say before that out of respect for the guest workers in Qatar they will only go from the semi-finals. Interesting… So from ‘some turn, human rights increase? Leave all that ethical cinema behind anyway.”

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