Ghost towns for fans: containers, plastic tents...

D.oha has several problems, one of them refers to hotel beds, which are rather scarce. The organization has created ghost ‘towns’ to cover that absence, but it has its flaws, small beds, tents at 30 degrees and… the absence of tickets in some of the packages promised to see the World Cup. Some Argentines now think that it was better not to have seen it, but the truth is that many were left without the promised ticket in the pack bought with the savings of many years.

‘Towns for fans’ reads the promotion made from the official pages of the tournament. And the truth is that it is quite close to reality. Amazing to see how around Doha has appeared out of nowhere up to four ‘cities’ to shelter the million and a half visitors who will appear around the country and who move in search of a bed and a shower and who do not mind paying luxury hotel prices or almost.

The streets of Doha begin to show that the start of the World Cup is already a reality. Qatar has been preparing to receive thousands and thousands of soccer fans. Hotels that already exist (not many), apartments, residences, cruise ships… containers and tents. Anything goes so that the fan can reach the center of world soccer.


For this, the organizing committee has created different spaces so that the fan-client can have a bed, a collective shower and a fan in the worst case and a step above in the form of restaurants, outdoor gym, giant screen to watch the games, soccer fields, bed, individual bathroom and air conditioning.

Yesterday they were still putting the finishing touches on those metal or plastic cities. Mexicans, Argentines, Saudis, Ecuadorians, Moroccans… but no Spaniards.. Some arrived and saw everything fine, but others were hallucinated by suddenly finding themselves in a sea of ​​plastic or a swarm of containers. “The truth is that I don’t even know what it has cost us to come here. We have come twelve and the truth is that I would have liked to go to another place on vacation. It’s not what we expected.” affirms a recently arrived Mexican. Others, however, were not so clear.

Mexican father and son took a day and a half to get to Doha and when they did they were a bit disappointed by the barracks and “how far it is from everything. At least the bed is hard,” they sentenced.

scammed and no entry

The scam of an Argentine in Doha: pay 8000 dollars for the trip and run out of ticketsJOS FLIX DAZ AND CHEMA REY

The problem has come when some who bought the trip through different tour operators have not found the tickets they had bought. “I have spent 8,000 dollars for eleven days, but I do not come to do tourism, I come to see Argentina and no one from the company appears.. They don’t answer and Argentina plays in three hours,” says a fan between angry and nervous.

The lowest prices speak of 200 euros per night, which go up to 1,000 euros in a newly created luxury farm. Others have decided to stay on cruises that are around 250 euros a night and the rest of those who have not found a place have chosen Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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