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The Giessen 46ers separate from managing director Sebastian Schmidt. © Imago Sportfotodienst GmbH

The Giessen 46ers are repositioning themselves at the highest management level. They separate from managing director Sebastian Schmidt.

Gießen – Even before the upcoming new elections on Thursday, the supervisory board of the Gießen 46ers reportedly made a decision for the realignment at the highest management level of the second division basketball team: Sebastian Schmidt should no longer lead the club. He is said to have already received the discharge papers. The 36-year-old has been on sick leave for two months. Schmidt was given a three-year contract when he was hired in 2021.

One can only speculate about the reasons for the dismissal. Schmidt was accused of misconduct and omissions towards sponsors and the league long before his sick leave, as was heard from 46ers circles. According to reports, unpaid invoices also appeared. In addition, as sports director, he was jointly responsible for failed personnel policy and relegation from the Bundesliga. Earlier this month, supervisory board spokesman Wolfgang Greilich told this newspaper that Schmidt would not come back as before due to his illness. Last Saturday, Greilich confirmed that everything had been discussed at the supervisory board meeting on Friday evening on the subject of managing director positions. However, he did not want to comment on possible personnel changes that evening.

Gießen 46ers: “We are very lucky that someone like Kollmar stepped in with full force”

After Heiko Schelberg and Michael Koch, the termination of the collaboration with Sebastian Schmidt would be the third questionable personality within a few years.

However, Greilich again emphasized the work of Jonathan Kollmar. The head of “Sales and Events” has had sole power of attorney since October 11 of this year and has since acted as deputy managing director. “We’re very fortunate that someone like Kollmar stepped in with full force,” said Greilich.

The 30-year-old Heuchelheimer has apparently made an impression on the shareholders and the supervisory board. Kollmar is well received with his honest, open and communicative manner. His return campaigns from withdrawn sponsors and former season ticket holders have earned him a lot of praise – like his appearance in discussions with the city and the Ostschule. He is currently the man who fills the post with life and transparency, as the shareholders and the supervisory board had hoped for from one or the other predecessor.

Gießen 46ers: In terms of sport, things went well in the Pro A recently

On a sporting level, on the other hand, things are going well with the Giessen 46ers. The fans just didn’t want to go home on Saturday night. The previously watched basketball Pro-A game had flashed her too much. 1888 spectators – so officially – saw fighting Gießen 46ers again, who made it clear in their hall that their »eastern hell« should become impregnable.

The »behind-the-basket group«, which created a lot of atmosphere, as well as the supporters of the entire standing room area, asked Karlo Miksic to strike up the humba. The new guard made an impressive showing on his debut. When the 86:74 against the Kirchheim Knights got dicey on the floor, Miksic took over. The 1.93 m tall Croatian exuded sovereignty. His actions made sense. He also relieved playmaker Nico Brauner, who in the meantime overdid it and just wanted too much.

Ultimately, the 25-year-old put on strong values ​​- ten points, five assists and three steals speak for themselves with a playing time of 26:23 minutes. At 17, he also had the highest effectiveness value of Gießen that Saturday evening. What was also still to be seen: Due to his size and flexibility, he can cover physically stronger players at the back of the cover formation. So it was not surprising that Gießen’s head coach “Frenki” Ignjatovic raved about his new player: “I don’t know if we would have won without Karlo. I’ve never said anything like that about a player after the first game. I am very happy that he is with us. So it can go on.”

Gießen 46ers: Separation of managing director Sebastian Schmidt

The 46ers are a force at home – four games, four wins. Once they were successful in the eight meetings they have played abroad – with a clear victory in Nuremberg. Third place with 10:6 points is impressive. But a closer look at the table proves what Coach Ignjatovic said from the first moment of his work in Gießen: The Pro A is a balanced league – everyone can beat everyone. There is a gap of just six points between first place with Tübingen (14:2 points) and twelfth place.

It is noticeable that the atmosphere in the east hall gets better from game to game. It can become a fortress again. The new team has so far managed to touch the supporters with their honest basketball work, their emotions and the passion they show. It is a snapshot from which something common can definitely develop again. (Wolfgang Gaertner)

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