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Through a live broadcast, La Joya gave a new nod to Colo Colo, despite the information that says that everything would have advanced with Unión Española.

Carlos Palacios
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Every year there has to be a television series that takes over the Chilean soccer pass market. On this occasion, for now, the one who is winning that award is Carlos Palacios. La Joya, which everything seems to indicate that he will not continue at Vasco Da Gama, has been flirting with Colo Colo since last year.

However, the obstacles in the amounts made the transaction look complicated, despite the fact that Palacios even confessed his love for the Cacique and celebrated the 33rd star of his story with all his might.

However, everything seemed to turn around this week, when it was reported that Palacios and the Spanish Union had everything very advanced for the player to return to Santa Laura, where he was formed.

And without any official information, the one who dared to shed light on what his whereabouts will be in 2023 was Palacios himself. The player made an Instagram live where a part of the conversation went viral. In it, the player gave a clear nod to Colo Colo.

It occurred to a follower to ask where he was going to play: whether in Macul, Independencia or Rio de Janeiro. The player’s response, who was co-pilot in a car, was to ask the driver: “Where are we going now? Carlos Valdovinos? Now, that’s where the track goes.”

The player has not hidden his desire to reach the Cacique to play the Copa Libertadores, but there is still nothing confirmed about his possible signing. We will have to see if what has been indicated is more of an expression of desire or if there are already advanced negotiations with Blanco y Negro.

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