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The defender Byron Castillo, sidelined at the last minute of the World Cup in Qatar due to questions about his documentation, was still able to record an Ecuadorian commercial in which he appears buying the latest model of a mobile phone.

Byron Castillo was sure that he would be nominated by Ecuador for the Qatar 2022 World Cup
© File, ArchiveByron Castillo was sure that he would be nominated by Ecuador for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The marginalization of Byron Castillo from the roster of the Ecuadorian team that will play the Qatar 2022 World Cup starting tomorrow, debuting precisely with the host from 1:00 p.m., has not been an impediment for the winger to earn a few pesos in a video advertising.

The defender of the León de México, removed from his team due to his questioned identity documents, appears in a claim from the SmartBuy technology store. The “best right-back on the continent”, as the brand identifies it, enters one of its branches to purchase a high-end cell phone.

Castillo buys the equipment and then unpacks it, to exchange it for the one he normally uses. The curious thing is that when leaving the premises, he meets a stranger, to whom he gives the previous cell phone. “Take it, brother, so you can enjoy the World Cup!”, He says to the individual who looks at him with a strange face.

Byron, out of the World Cup

Byron Castillo, who represented Ecuador in eight games in the last South American Qualifiers, had to return to Mexico to join the work at Club León, owner of his pass, after being left out of the list of 26 players summoned to the World Cup in Qatar 2022 by the technician, Gustavo Alfaro.

The coach of the emerald team, Renato Paiva, acknowledged that “as soon as the news came out, my concern was to speak with him immediately. We had a talk by phone. The situation worsened because he, two days ago, had the guarantee that he was going to to be summoned and, after that period, the situation changed (…) He is devastated”, said the DT.

The Ecuadorian team will debut in the World Cup this Sunday, precisely in the opening match of the planetary tournament. La Tri will face Qatar from 1:00 p.m., and you will be able to see all the details through Redgol and all its platforms.

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