Great game of Youtubers 3 by DjMaRiiO: Spain vs France live

Yobai Llanos, Rubius and several of the best national content creators have reserved this November 19, 2022, to join forces in an event that does not understand numbers or internal competitiveness. In DjMaRiiO’s Great Game of Youtubers 3 there is only one objective and that is to beat France, for a rivalry that has been ravaging the community for years.

The match between Spain and France includes the most prepared content creators from both countries. If previous editions of this Great Game of Youtubers 3 by DjMaRiiO already brought pique from home, in this climactic chapter it is expected that the show from Paris would be global, and the more than 20 cameras seated in the green will attest to it.

20:16 | Groping and a lot of nerves in the first minutes

The first 20 minutes of the game have been, without a doubt, a fantastic set-up for this Great Game of Youtubers 3. Spain has chosen to try to have the ball, while France bets on its power in the open field, with much more physical players. And yes, the time has already been exceeded. half a million viewers on the DjMaRiiO channel!

21:10 | 480 thousand spectators watching the Great Game of Youtubers 3 of DjMaRiiO

It was aimed at 500 thousand viewers. They were aiming for half a million, and not 20 minutes have passed in the game to get close to a dream figure for a youtuber like DjMaRiiO.

21:01 | DjMaRiiO’s Great Game of Youtubers 3 begins aggressively

If the first stick was given by the French, received by Cacho in an incident inside the area, the Spaniards have not shown any consideration and have passed over their rivals in terms of intensity. DjMaRiiO’s Great Game of Youtubers 3 heats up!

20:55 | The Spain vs. France Start of the Great Game of Youtubers 3 by DjMaRiiO

There are no more delays, there are no more postponements. It’s the moment. The moment has arrived in which the (French) referees begin an event that points out ways. Start the Spain vs France of the Great Game of Youtubers 3 of DjMaRiiO. The tension is served!

20:41 | The Spanish Selection steps on the green of Paris

The light show is served in France, but the desire for the match is unstoppable and the Spanish players are already stepping on the grass in Paris. All the elements are aligned for a great duel that we will live live.

20:09 | The French captain proposes “value and respect”

“You have to show courage and respect. You have to have fun! We’re going to give 100%”. In this way, the captain of the French team wanted to warm the atmosphere, while directing the streaming towards the first live performance.

7:55 p.m. | Coach Ibai Llanos’s talk before the game

“These people are very angry with you and they have set up this whole show to win you over. The problem is that they are not going to do it”. This is how Ibai Llanos wanted to motivate his pupils in this Great Game of Youtubers 3 by DjMaRiiO, before a match that was clearly expected to be historic.

19:51 | More than 150 thousand viewers already live the stream of the creator of Mstoles

DjMaRiiO continues to cause trouble on social networks as the final time draws near. Little can be added more to the Great Game of Youtubers 3, which has been fixed for as many months as it has been able to excite the audience. More than 150 thousand viewers already live the stream of the creator of Mstoles.

19:41 | We have 11 official of the Spanish Selection of streamers

  • Chub
  • Telmo
  • mostopapi
  • Viruzz
  • Peereira7
  • striker009
  • koko
  • Folagor
  • spursito
  • daddy gavi
  • djmariio
Spain's starting 11

The starting 11 for Spain against France in the Great Game of Youtubers 3 by DjMaRiiO.

7:34 p.m. | Cracking nerves

Individual talent will take a backseat in this Great Game of Youtubers 3 by DjMaRiiO, since the union of a country that rows with constancy prevails above all else. More than 20 thousand Parisians have come to the stadium to cheer on their country, in what DjMaRiiO has defined as a “hostile climate”.

18:55 | Paper for the casters while the footballers warm up

Miguel Ɓngel Romn, Xokas and Axel Martƭnez are in charge of preparing the preview of this Great Game of Youtubers 3 by DjMaRiiO. The players are already warming up on the pitch in Paris, in a match that is estimated to start around 20:00 CET (Spanish peninsular time).

6:35 p.m. | The streaming of DjMaRiiO begins

Although DjMaRiiO has previously flirted with the world of streaming, he is not a specialist in this field. Nevertheless, He is passionate about football and as such he wanted to transfer a continental pique such as Spain vs. France to the field.and the Great Game of Youtubers 3 is nothing more than the embodiment of the concept.

france espala Partidazo Youtubers 3 DjMaRiiO

Ibai Llanos, Willyrex and Rubius are just some of the protagonists of DjMaRiiO’s Great Game of Youtubers 3 that pits France against Spain.

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