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The side was loaned to the Santa Catarina team in February, with a contract signed until the end of the year.

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter @tudo_degremio
Photo: Reproduction / Twitter @tudo_degremio

Without entering the field, Grêmio lost its place in the G-4 of Série B of the Brazilian Championship this Saturday (14). In a match valid for the seventh round of the national competition, Novorizontino beat Ponte Preta 1-0, against Moisés Lucarelli, reaching 12 points and taking fourth place in the table. Tricolor Gaúcho is right behind, with 10. Operário-PR and Vasco still have games this weekend and can also leave the Club behind.

Outside the Copa do Brasil, Roger Machado’s team took advantage of the full week to work on the squad and prepare for their next commitment to the Brazilian. The Grêmio team returns to play this Monday (16), when they face Ituano, away from home. The match takes place at 20:00, at Novelli Júnior stadium, in Itu, closing the round.

As it prepares to seek back its place in the G-4, Grêmio observes the situation of an athlete on loan from another Serie B club. On loan at the beginning of the season to Chapecoense, left-back Guilherme Guedes was unable to establish himself in the team from Santa Catarina and can return to Porto Alegre sooner than expected.

According to the publication of the Tudo de Grêmio profile, on social media, the defender is currently the third option of coach Gilson Kleina at Chape for the position, and Chape is considering returning him in the middle of the year. Guilherme is 22 years old and is a member of Tricolor’s base divisions. In February, he was loaned to Chapecó’s team, as he was not part of the Grêmio coaching staff’s plans, at the time still commanded by Vagner Mancini.

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