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After Colo Colo’s new triumph over Betis, Gustavo Quinteros did not want to delve into the controversy that has taken over the white world in recent days: Matías Zaldivia’s departure from the club.

Gustavo Quinteros
© Guille SalazarGustavo Quinteros

Colo Colo is finally on vacation after beating Betis again in the friendly duel played in Sausalito. A match that ended 1-0 thanks to a great score by Leonardo Gil, who allowed the Cacique to close the season in the best way and with the expectation of what will happen with the reinforcements from here on out.

It was a much more even game than the first, with Betis much more committed to defending their honor than they had been in their first two games in South America. That is why it was possible to see an entertaining meeting that even had controversies and expulsions despite being friendly.

One of those expelled was Gustavo Quinteros, who was removed from the bench by Piero Maza as a result of claims. That is why DT could not speak at a press conference once the commitment was over and he was only able to do it in the mixed zone, where he was able to assess the last white win of the 2022 campaign.

“It was played well, many players played who had not been doing it consistently and they fulfilled. This game was more even, but I hope we continue like this, growing. We have seen the youth issue as positive,” Quinteros assessed once the commitment was completed.

The Zaldivia situation

The DT also wanted to ask about the situation of Matías Zaldivia, the great controversial dawn of the season finale. And it is that after seven seasons, Mati will not continue to belong to the institution after confirming his non-renewal of contract for 2023.

Situation that even motivated the players of the squad to come out with shirts to support the player at the entrance to the Sausalito field. Of course, Quinteros did not want to enter that game and preferred not to express himself on the Zaldivia case. “I’m not going to talk about it,” she pointed out.

It is unknown if DT will now ask the board for another center-back to replace Zaldivia. And there are versions found in the matter. While some point out that Quinteros agreed With his departure, there are those who say that he only found out about the situation through the media.

For now, the only thing confirmed is that the Cacique He already fired Zaldivia through an Instagram post once the match against Betis is over, although if followed the controversy will continue to develop over the next few days.

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