Gustavo Quinteros gets bored of waiting and demands reinforcements in Colo Colo: "I'm worried"

colo colo He can’t get out of his irregular present and this Saturday he added a setback at the start of the second round. El Cacique equalized goalless with Deportes Temuco in the first leg of the third round of the Copa Chilea result that did not leave at all happy to Gustavo Quinteros.

The technician not only had a controversial crossing with Maximiliano Falcón in the middle of the game, but also made public his annoyance at the delay in reinforcements. Unlike at the beginning of the season, with Edmundo Valladares in the presidency, where they had the signings from the first day of preseason, now there is no trace of them.

At a press conference, Gustavo Quinteros addressed this issue and stressed that some time ago he delivered the list of players he needed. “I pass all the names to the sports director, a month ago I did it so that the players come. Then come the offers and there it does not depend on me. It is already a matter of them, of the directors and of the club”.

For the Cacique coach, it is sad not to have signings for the second round. “The names I pass them constantly, there were three names to incorporate and unfortunately we couldn’t do it with any of them. Of punctual players, some of those that I had in the folder are already in other teams”.

Along the same lines, Gustavo Quinteros emphasized that he is concerned about not knowing what will happen to the reinforcements. “I am worried because this time they did not arrive. Last time they did and he left me alone. Not now (…) A month ago I said to incorporate, I hope that before the closing of the pass book they are here”.

The great concern is not only the Chilean Cup and the National Championship, but also the South American Cup where they will face Inter de Porto Alegre with casualties and figures just coming back from injuries.

Unfortunately we will not have Amor, we hope to recover Brayan Cortés and that the players arrive before the pass book closes“, he pointed.

Gustavo Quinteros does not want to burn the youth

Colo Colo has several young figures who for many can replace the starters. However, for Gustavo Quinteros it is not the time to burn the youth, much less with an international tournament ahead.

“If you want to make the boys under 21 play in the cup, yes. It depends on the intention and the objective of the club. Bruno and Daniel (Gutiérrez) entered against River, I don’t know whether to face a Copa Libertadores championship and have such young people, sometimes the lack of experience is important,” he said.

Gustavo Quinteros did not stop there. “Players have to be trained, when they are experienced and prepared, use them in international tournaments where one wants to advance. In any case, when a player is injured for two months, he has to be replaced. That’s why we ask for it, in addition to two more players to strengthen the team.”

Along the same lines, the DT sentenced his claim. “We have three tournaments, one always has the illusion of playing matches. In South America it’s complicated, but the games have to be played. Hence also the concern that they have not yet arrived“.

Colo Colo waits for reinforcements before the closing of the pass book. There are three options, but for now Martín Rodríguez is leaving, Ramiro González has gone to another club and there are no more candidates. The Cacique can pay dearly for slowness in the market.

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