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Hamsik ends his ‘curse’ with a historic Trabzonspor

Hamsik ends his 'curse' with a historic Trabzonspor

Marek Hamsik (Bansk Bystrica, Slovakia, 1987) does not go unnoticed. His crest and his tattoos made him an iconic footballer who always emptied himself on the pitch and shone for his quality and physical display. A ‘warrior’ whose extensive career had one but: he had never been a League champion. A ‘curse’ with which he has ended up at Trabzonspor. On the shores of the Black Sea, Hamsik has removed his ‘thorn’ at 34 years of age.

I have finally achieved my first league champion title! The feelings are indescribable and where they are best seen are in these photos full of emotion, passion and joy. We have written our name in capital letters in the history of the club, the city, the region and the Turkish Super League. I will never forget it”, published on Instagram a midfielder unleashed in the ‘bordo mavi’ celebrations. The fans, after the draw (2-2) against Antalyaspor, invaded the Medical Park pitch and swallowed Hamsik, who melted into the fans in an eternal embrace.

Trabzonspor continues to party: the video with more than 2 million views

I don’t know what to say. I’m just very happy. It’s wonderful to get my first League. My feelings are fantastic and beautiful. When you see the excitement and joy of the Trabzonspor fans celebrating the title… Not only in Trabzonspor, but in all of Turkey. I have nothing more to add. A long celebration is coming”, said a Hamsik who had already warned in MARK what would happen if they were champions: “If we win the League it will be incredible”. And it is being. Since they sang the alirn, the party, the luminous celebrations and the music have been the soundtrack of Trebizond… reaching as far as Istanbul! The images have traveled around the world.

The ‘Npoles of the Black Sea’

Hamsik has sweated to be champion. Since he started at Slovan Bratislava in 2004 he played in the First Division with Brescia, Naples, Dalian Professional, Gteborg and Trabzonspor in Italy, China, Sweden and Turkey in search of a title that came at the epilogue of his career. He was at ‘Napoli’, where he played between 2004 and 2019 and became a legend, where he was closest: He was runner-up in 2013, 2016 and 2018. Roz el ‘Scudetto’… but he stayed at the gates. “When you win with Naples it’s better than winning anywhere else in the world. We don’t just win as a team, we win as a people,” he explained.

I don’t know what to say. I’m just very happy. It is wonderful to say that I achieved my first League. My feelings are fantastic and beautiful.

Marek Hamsik, Trabzonspor footballer

His time at Dalian Proffessional and Gteborg did not give him an alirin that he had to look for in the ‘Black Sea Naples’. And he has succeeded. “Trabzon is very similar in the enthusiasm with which people live matches and life. At ‘Napoli’ I was close to winning the Scudetto and all of us footballers aspire to lift leagues. It is one of my goals and my dreams at Trabzonspor,” Hamsik highlighted in MARCA.

And what eluded him with Insigne, Mertens, Koulibaly… he has achieved with Omr, Cornelius, akir… He didn’t wear the bracelet like he did in San Paolo but he was one of the leaders of an Avci group that has made history by breaking moulds. Hamsik has been part of two cut from the same cloth teams challenging the establishment (northern Italy and Istanbul) for metals. They are a revolution. There are no grays and passion overflows the stands as the hustle and bustle goes down its steep and chaotic streets that overlook the Tyrrhenian and Black Seas.

This is how Trabzonspor, the leader of the Turkish League, celebrates a victory

In Naples he fought against Juventus, Milan, Inter… and he was one step away and in Trabzonspor he has knocked down Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerbahe to reach glory. ‘Big’, as he is nicknamed in Trebizond, is one more in the Turkish city. He feels at home. “Trabzonspor is a revolution, a team that symbolizes victory against power,” Ahmet Agaoglu, the club’s president, told MARCA. 18 years and 552 league games later, the Slovak already knows what it means to be league champion. At the title party, raise a Cup more than desired. Dreamed. It’s never too late.

Two champions in 207 kilometers

Trabzonspor and Dinamo Batumi footballers celebrate a goal.

The Black Sea bathes Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Georgia along its 5,800 kilometers of coastline. A coastline with cities like Istanbul, Odessa, Sochi… and two other major cities that have recently celebrated their clubs’ alirons. Two unexpected champions, separated by just 207 kilometers, who have broken the dominance of their countries on both sides of the border between Turkey and Georgia.

Distance between Trabzon (Turkey) and Batumi (Georgia).Thomas Fields

The Trabzonspor cut their league drought by ending the supremacy of the Istanbul clubs (Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerbahe) by achieving a historic Turkish Super League. And the Dynamo Batumi premiere their league palmars in the Georgia championship. Two historic wings separated by just over 200 kilometers. A feat that is worth two.

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