Hamza who made threats to Anderlecht before the investigating judge: he could not be kept under forced psychiatric observation

The man, named Hamza, who made threats Friday morning at the Saint-Anne Saint-Rémi hospital in Anderlecht, was ultimately not kept under compulsory psychiatric observation. The decision was made late Saturday afternoon. Earlier in the day, the prosecution had however launched a so-called Nixon procedure in this direction. “This procedure cannot be applied depending on the elements of the investigation“, said the spokesperson for the prosecution, Willemien Baert. It will be recalled that, according to this procedure, for the imposed observation to continue, the individual must constitute a danger for himself or for others. Technically, it was not a question here of a forced internment, only a judge, and not the parquet floor, can decide on such a measure.

Hamza was therefore made available to the prosecution this Sunday. Still deprived of liberty, the man was immediately brought before an examining magistrate. It is up to him to issue or not an arrest warrant and to charge the individual.

He had been arrested in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode around 9 p.m. Friday evening. Hamza, 24, presented himself armed with a knife to the emergency department of the Brussels hospital. He would have shouted “Allahu Akbar“(“God is the greatest”), then would have declared that he was going to die but that he would return for “kill everyone“, according to witnesses.

The individual then left without causing any casualties. However, the police took the threat very seriously and immediately organized a manhunt. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office has been informed, as well as all the other police areas of the capital and all the hospitals in the Brussels region. The police in his town of residence, Martelange, in the province of Luxembourg, were also notified.

Friday evening, the man was finally able to be arrested in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. According to the police, this arrest took place without problems.

This fact occurred barely a week after the death of police officer Thomas Monjoie in Schaerbeek. Yassine Mahi had presented himself to a police station earlier in the day because he felt hatred towards the police. Then the Brussels public prosecutor’s office decided not to initiate the Nixon procedure.

Policeman killed in Schaerbeek: the suspect in the death of Thomas Monjoie remains in prison

In the case of the named Hamza, the prosecution took no risk. Moreover, other compulsory admission procedures were also launched last week. Including one three days after the death of the policeman. The Brussels prosecutor’s office had then decided that a certain Nabil who had presented himself to the central police station in Brussels to declare that he wanted to burn down the police station in Molenbeek, should be the subject of a Nixon procedure.

In Namur, this time, a 41-year-old man presented himself, this Wednesday, in a state of intoxication at 2:35 a.m. in front of the Namur police station. The individual threatened the police with death. The file was put under investigation and an arrest warrant was issued for threats with an order or condition and for a false threat of an attack.

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