Jon Lindenchrone (middle) made a few technical errors.  Tobias Schimmelbauer (left) and Manuel Späth take the points from Göppingen with HSV Hamburg.  Photo: Baumann/Alexander Keppler

Jon Lindenchrone (middle) made a few technical errors. Tobias Schimmelbauer (left) and Manuel Späth take the points from Göppingen with HSV Hamburg. Photo: Baumann/Alexander Keppler

No recognizable game control, beginner’s step and typing errors – Frisch Auf Göppingen suffered a sensitive home defeat at 24:28 against HSV Hamburg. Will the team turn the corner again in the fight for a place in the European Cup?

Frisch Auf Göppingen is still in fifth place in the Handball Bundesliga, which is described as the “strongest league in the world”. Anyone who saw the 24:28 (10:13) against the weakened HSV Hamburg must seriously question this designation. Because the European Cup contender made beginner’s play and step mistakes, went to the point without recognizable game control, and Göppingen also regularly failed free-standing on 39-year-old HSV keeper Johannes Bitter (twelve saves), who, like ex-Göppingen Manuel Späth (36 ) made a strong game. The outstanding man, however, was the Danish world champion and Olympic champion Casper Mortensen – the 32-year-old left winger threw ten goals.

“Desolate Attack Performance”

“We showed a desolate attacking performance,” coach Hartmut Mayerhoffer summarized the questionable performance. “That was a performance we couldn’t discuss for a long time,” added sporting director Christian Schöne.

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In front of 3,600 spectators in the EWS Arena, Frisch Auf didn’t get into the game at all from the start and didn’t get any support from the goalkeepers before the break (a save in total). To make matters worse, Sebastian Heymann also injured his knee when the score was 4:9 (19th). The diagnosis is still pending, but the backcourt player could no longer be used afterwards. “The investigation will follow on Friday. Hope dies last. So we hope it’s just a muscular injury, anything else would be a disaster,” said Schöne.

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Smarason best FAG launcher

At 14:21 (44th) the game seemed already lost. Frisch Auf came back to 22:24 (58th), but didn’t get a point against the team of coach Toto Jansen on this used evening. “We made too many stupid technical mistakes,” said Göppingen’s playmaker Janus Smarason, with five goals the best thrower ahead of Jon Lindenchrone (4) and Marcel Schiller (4/3).

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As in the 27:28 defeat against HBW Balingen-Weilstetten, Frisch Auf was not able to win a game in front of their home crowd even on a weak day. This actually distinguishes teams with higher demands. “We need more resistance to stress and as a team we have to take the next step,” said Schöne. If possible as early as next Thursday (7.05 p.m.) at the Füchsen Berlin. “We still have five games and still have the chance to reach a place in the European Cup.” Which is currently mainly due to the weakness of the direct competitors in the “strongest league in the world”.


FAG Rebmann, Kastelic (18th to 39th minutes); Smarason (5 goals), Schiller (4/3), Lindenchrone (4), Kneule (2), Goller (2/2), Ellebaek (2), Hermann (1), Bagersted (1), Heymann (1), Zelenovic (1), Gulliksen (1).

HSV Bitter (1st to 60th minute), Vortmann (with two seven meters); Mortensen (10/4), Bauer (5), Axmann (4), Theilinger (3), Bergemann (2), Späth (1), Weller (1), Kleineidam (1), Andersen (1)

Remaining program Fresh on Göppingen

May 19, 7:05 p.m.: Foxes Berlin – fresh up

May 22, 2 p.m.: TuS N-Lübbecke – fresh up

June 2, 7:05 p.m.: Fresh on – Rhein-Neckar Löwen

8 June, 7:05 p.m.: Fresh up – TBV Lemgo Lippe

June 12, 3:30 p.m.: THW Kiel – fresh up

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