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"He looks younger": Johnny Depp doesn’t look like that anymore

"He looks younger": Johnny Depp doesn't look like that anymore

New look for a new life. His defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard made him the most publicized person in May and June this year. And it was with a ponytail and his iconic goatee that Johnny Depp spent his days in court in Fairfax. Today, the 59-year-old actor decided to say goodbye to his facial hair.

On June 19, the star was in Helsinki to share the stage again with his friend, guitarist Jeff Beck. And his hairless skin did not escape the American media and fans. “He looks so much better and younger clean shaven, that’s the Johnny Depp I remember”wrote in particular a surfer, under the spell.

On June 22, the actor announced three concert dates in Germany with the Hollywood Vampires, a supergroup made up of Alice Cooper, Fred Perry and Tommy Henriksen.

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