He put the tie in the Nacional: Zampedri and the 1-1 in Sporting Cristal vs.  Catholic University [VIDEO]

The National was silent. Fernando Zampedri appeared opportunely in front of the Rimense goal, to place the 1-1 in the Sporting Cristal vs. Catholic Universityfor the fourth day of the group stage of the Libertadores Cup 2022. The ‘crusader’ cast reached the rival field on more occasions, which gave them the chance to hit.

At 77 ‘Zampetri’s goal was given. The play started with a center by Parot, from the left wing, so that it reached Barticciotto’s head. The attacker did not hesitate to give a precise touch to Zampetri and thus he connects with another header that leaves Alejandro Duarte without options.

The second half was more propitious for the Chilean team. The ‘Crusaders’ entered the field more aggressively, willing to equalize the score, after Percy Liza’s first goal at 43′. This was evidenced, since the game began to be played more in the Rimense field.

Sporting Cristal vs. U. Católica: the previous one

Sporting Crystal reaches this commitment, after a victory against Binacional, for the local tournament. Those led by Roberto Mosquera remain unstoppable in League 1, seeking to climb to the top places; however, it has been difficult for them to settle into the group stage of the Libertadores.

To date, they have not won any victory in this edition, so they hope that for this match history will change and thus they can fight for third place in Group H; since if they do not accumulate more points, they will be eliminated from all international championships.

For its part, Catholic University He rested this last weekend, so he arrives with everything to win the three visiting points in the capital. Their last match was against Flamengo, although this ended in defeat, after the Brazilian club won 3-2.

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