This Tuesday evening, viewers took out their compass and followed the direction of Koh Lanta on TF1. And, for good reason, the adventure game gave way to the emblematic orientation test. François, Ambre, Bastien, Géraldine and Jean-Charles have activated the “warrior” mode and intend to do everything to win their place on the famous poles of Koh Lanta. Amber compares to “Calamity Jane“: “The warrior inside me wakes up“, she says. “For me, orientation is the dream of Koh-Lanta!”, Launches Géraldine for her part.

Denis Brogniart gives the instructions. As usual, three daggers hide in the forest. Adventurers will first need to find the Erect Stump Area, either that of the Spotted Stone or that of the Bamboo Clump. Once the area has been identified, they will have to find a beacon within a radius of 15 steps and return to Denis with a color and a number indicating the direction and the number of steps to take to find the famous dagger. The three adventurers to find the daggers first qualify for the poles. But, exceptionally this year, the two “losers” will compete in a second orientation test. At stake? a place on a fourth post… cursed.

Amber and Jean-François head towards the mottled stone. Géraldine and Bastien towards the stump erected and François goes alone towards the clump of bamboo. Jean-Charles finds the spotted stone and quickly the associated beacon. And this, under the worried gaze of Amber who feels that her comrade is on the right track. “It’s my place on the posts that’s at stake so we’re thinking about wacky stuff“, declares the young woman. After passing near Denis Brogniart so that the latter indicates the direction to follow, Jean-Charles finds the dagger. “All my Koh LantaI had ass shots after ass shots“, launches the outsider who cannot believe it. In all, it will have taken 36 minutes to take up the challenge. “To me, it erases everything else where I’ve been ridiculous“, says the man who has never really shone in previous events.

For their part, Géraldine and Bastien each find the upright stump and the beacon. Unfortunately, Bastien takes the wrong color when looking for his direction. He confuses light blue and green, unlike Géraldine. In the forest, the young man realizes his mistake and begins to follow his comrade reluctantly. “I didn’t mean to do this but I messed up“, he says. The rope access technician has lost too much time, however. Geraldine finds the dagger.”I’m flying, I have more pain nowhere, I have chills everywhere”, says Géraldine, running towards the presenter of the show. Once the dagger is planted, the mother bursts into tears.

Unlucky, Ambre and Bastien join François in his zone. But, the firefighter, exhausted, achieves his goals. He is the last qualified for the posts… normal.

“A bittersweet victory”

Second orientation test for Bastien and Ambre. These will have to find the area of ​​the hollow tree and walk 29 steps north to find the cursed dagger. After spending an hour on his knees scratching the ground, it is finally Bastien who finds the famous object. “It’s a bittersweet victory“, launches the young man who adds that Amber would have had as much luck as him to find the dagger. “It was a very complicated ordealexplains Amber. I’m so disappointed. I realize it’s over. I can be proud of my adventure.

The post test poster is now known. Jean-Charles, Géraldine, François and Bastien will take part in the ultimate challenge of Koh Lanta to discover next Tuesday on TF1

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