Here are the results of the Euromillions draw: no big winner for the 40 million jackpot, discover the numbers drawn

There were 54 million euros to be won this Friday in the Euromillions draw. The winning grid had to include the five correct numbers as well as the two correct stars, as recalled by the National Lottery. As there were no lucky ones in this last draw, players will have another chance to win the jackpot and become a millionaire in the next Euromillions draw on Tuesday.

The winning numbers:


The winning stars:


How to play Euromillions?

You can play online on e-lotto or by buying a grid of your favorite game of chance at a point of sale (bookstore, store, etc.).

Several types of slips exist: the simple slip, the multiple slip and the Quick Pick.

In the simple ballot, which costs €2.5 per combination and per draw, you play between one and six combinations. The grids are each composed of 50 numbers and 12 stars. You must tick 5 numbers and 2 stars per grid. You can also choose the number of draws you want to participate in, increasing your chances of winning.

In the multiple ballot, you can tick up to 10 numbers and 12 stars per grid – this gives you more chances of getting the winning combination. You can, as in the simple ballots, choose a number of consecutive draws.

If you don’t have a particular lucky number, Quick Pick is a choice that saves you time: the computer chooses your numbers and stars randomly for you.

The Euromillions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday: you can get the results live on the front page, around 11 p.m., but also get the winning numbers on the DH. If you have one or more winning grids, have them checked at a National Lottery point of sale.

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