Hereditary luck, 7 seconds of bad luck, a divorce that pays off: 7 crazy stories of great lottery winners

After a jackpot of 216 million fell on Wednesday, this Friday the 13th also has its share of surprises in store.

Winning the Euromillions jackpot and becoming outrageously rich is every lottery player’s dream. Last Tuesday, it was a Briton who had the happy surprise to discover that he had ticked the right numbers, winning a prize pool of 216 million euros. Before him, many other lucky people saw their bank accounts suddenly turn bright green.

hereditary luck

In the Oksnes family, winning is part of the genes. In 2012, 19-year-old Tord Oksnes won 12.2 million crowns, or more than 1.6 million euros. He thus became the third member of the family to win the stars. Already in 2010, his sister, Hege Jeanette, aged 26, had won the tidy sum of 8.2 million crowns (more than 840,000 euros) by playing the lottery. And that’s not all, since the father, Leif, had shown them the way a few years earlier by also winning 4.1 million (420,000 euros) at the lottery in 2006.


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