Here's why it should be hot and dry for a while yet: "June could be too dry and too sunny"

This weather has repercussions in our country because it causes abnormal droughts. Moreover, the orange code is in force in the natural areas of Flanders since this Thursday and this, at least until Monday indicated the site of the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forests.

How to explain such a phenomenon ? According to several European weather models, the reason lies in the so-called Omega blockage. It is a blocking of the centers of action caused by an altitude ridge. The term omega comes from the form that this blockage takes (form of the letter Omega in Greek). This is not the first time that we have experienced this phenomenon in Belgium. Remember. In March, the population also experienced a hot and dry period because of this particular weather.

In reality, the weather in our country is influenced by an Atlantic air flow from west to southwest. This flow is created by an area of ​​high pressure that extends from the northwest of the Azores to the Bay of Biscay, and depressions that move south of Greenland towards Scandinavia. This brings warm air and repeated moist air masses of subtropical origin, which are prone to thunderstorms.

“An omega blockage is a weather situation in which a powerful area of ​​high pressure appears and remains over an area,” explains VTM weather expert Martijn Peters. “That then forms a shield against depressions and areas of low pressure, because they stay to the side and that ensures consistent good weather.”

The question Belgians are asking is how long this phenomenon will last. In this configuration, it is easy to predict the weather. For meteorologist Karsten Brandt, this good weather could last for a while in Europe. “There is a good chance that it will last until a good part of June. June could also be too dry and too sunny. May could end with 300 hours of sunshine at the local level”, he explained for the Bild.

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