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Universidad de Chile faces General Velásquez this Sunday for the Copa Chile 2022. Diego López called for several surprises and with Hernán Galíndez as the great absentee.

Hernán Galíndez will not be in the Chile Cup and his departure seems to be getting closer
© Agency OneHernán Galíndez will not be in the Chile Cup and his departure seems to be getting closer

Universidad de Chile ends its preparation and this Sunday begins the process of Diego López. From 3:30 p.m. the Romantic Traveler debuts in the third round of the Chile Cup facing General Velásquez.

The student team has extended its bad streak of recent years to the current season, which ended with the departure of Santiago Escobar and even Luis Roggiero. Now, with the Uruguayan coach on the bench, they hope to take off once and for all.

To do so, this Saturday Diego López delivered the list of summoned for the clash with General Velásquez, which presents a tremendous surprise: Hernán Galíndez was not summoned for the meeting and his departure seems to be getting closer.

The Ecuadorian goalkeeper accused that he has been the victim of threats just like weeks ago. Given this scenario, he requested to leave just months after his arrival, something that did not go down well in the U. However, they do not rule out its occurrence.

Hernán Galíndez will not be present in the duel and the great beneficiary is Cristóbal Campos, who will have the opportunity to take over the bow. The goalkeeper is the letter of the fans and must respond to expectations.

Another absentee is José María Carrasco, who is defining the details to seal his departure from the club.

Felipe Seymour and Luis Felipe Gallegos They are also not on the list, as both are experiencing physical problems. Although in the midfield there are also novelties, since Emmanuel Ojeda is shaping up to have his debut with Bulla after the arrival of his CTI on Friday afternoon.

Universidad de Chile does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past and aspires to take flight to return to the fight. El Romantico Viajero will jump onto the field loaded with youths to try to get out of the eternal pit in which he has been for several seasons.

Check out those summoned for the debut of Diego López at the helm of Universidad de Chile

– Pedro Garrido

– Daniel Navarrete

– Ignatius Tapia

– Jose Castro

– Emmanuel Ojeda

– Jonathan Andia

– Mauricio Morales

– Pablo Aranguiz

-Junior Fernandes

– Christian Palacios

Yahir Salazar

– Lucas Assadi

– Bastian Tapia

– Cristobal Munoz

– Marcelo Morales

– Christopher Campos

– Alvaro Brun

-Israel Poblete

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