Galindez spoke out about the triumph of the U and the threats he received.
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The Romántico Viajero goalkeeper was honest after the important blue victory against La Serena and pointed out that “we needed him a long time ago, we wanted to show that there is unity on the squad”. He also took the opportunity to clarify, for the first and last time, the issue of the death threats he received.

© Agency OneGalindez spoke out about the triumph of the U and the threats he received.

University of Chile he celebrated again after four days without being able to do it after beat Deportes La Serena 2-0a victory that meant a real oxygen tank for the blues after very complicated days and made it clear Hernan Galindez.

The Ecuadorian nationalized Argentine goalkeeper He raised his voice once the commitment was over and made it clear that in the Romantic Traveler they were happy after adding three to three amid the controversial departures of Santiago Escobar and Luis Roggiero from the institution.

For this reason, in dialogue with TNT Sports, he shot from the start that “it was a victory that we needed a long time ago, the truth is that We found ourselves in a very difficult moment after Escobar’s departure and we wanted to show that there is unity on the campus and many of the things that are said are lies.“.

Regarding the very important victory, which keeps them away from the relegation places for now, the 35-year-old tubekeeper pointed out that “I think the team today showed the commitment and the desire to get out of this bad time and that was what led us to play a great game and win it”.

Regarding the development of the game, the goalkeeper of the Ecuadorian team applauded that “the mood was very good and from then on it was played very wellthe goals were defined by things we did in training and that generates a lot of confidence, now we have to rest and keep working”.

To close, the former Catholic University of Ecuador was consulted about the death threats he recently received and that his representative announced that they would have him considering the option of leaving the club, and Galíndez spoke loud and clear, pointing out that it will be the first and last time you will address that topic.

“I want to clarify that now so I don’t talk about it anymore. They were some messages that my wife received, I understand that they are a couple of people, I know that from a couple of messages it is not what the fans of the U represent, but my wife was scared. Let’s hope she stays there and is nothing more, “she shot her entrance.

To close, he clarified that the so-called fans who threatened him “they do not represent the fans that the U has. Because the stadium was full again today and we weren’t doing well, and they support us and push us forward”.

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