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Ronaldo opened up the possibility for two finals he would like to see in the Qatar Cup

Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images |  Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Cafu and Luizão
Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images | Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Cafu and Luizão

First in the FIFA ranking, the Brazilian team is considered one of the big favorites for the title in the Qatar Cup. According to Betfair’s analysis, Brazil has a 25% chance of reaching the match that defines the 2022 World Champion. The other most highly rated teams are: England, with 13%, France, with 12.5% ​​and Spain and Argentina, both with a 10.5% chance of going to the final. Argentina’s odds were 23% (odds 4.33) before the match against Saudi Arabia. The Arab team started the game with odds of 34 (2.9%) to beat the brothers, and reached 0.7% when Messi scored.

Ronaldo left open two possible finals that he would like to see. “If I think of two possible finals, I see one between Brazil and Argentina and the other between Brazil and France. These are two historic finals that I would like to see the Brazilian team face. Of course, I root for Brazil to win. My favorite final would be 2-0 to Brazil and the sixth in the bag.”

For the 2002 shirt number 10, Brazil should meet the brothers in the final of the 2022 World Cup. “I believe that Brazil will be in the final and will face our neighbor Argentina. Just like Ronaldo, a positive score, but it will be a very difficult game in my opinion, decided in the details”, said Rivaldo to Betfair.

For a final between Brazil and Argentina to take place, the Brazilian team needs to rank first and Argentina second in their respective groups. Despite today’s defeat, Argentina are still the Betfair experts’ favorites to qualify first in Group C (37%).

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