Historical of Cobreloa celebrate tie "of gold" before Copiapó and advise: "is defined at home"

copperloa fulfilled. On his visit to Luis Valenzuela Hermosilla Stadium to collide with Sports Copiapó by final of the first leg of the Liguilla de Ascensothe club that finished second in the standings of the First B this 2022 drew a valuable goalless draw, so now everything must be defined in the lap.

The desert foxes It will be the stage where next Sunday, November 27, the second team that goes up to the First division. Thus, after the 0-0 draw in the first round, two historic ones from the Loíno team, such as John Covarrubias Y Carlos “Chifi” Rojas They were more than satisfied, or at least they confessed it in dialogue with RedGol, and they hope it can be celebrated in front of their fans.

“It is a golden tie, as long as it is won in Calama”

Covarrubias, historical goalscorer for the miners team with 145 goals, does not save anything and from the outset he warns that “I think that It is a golden tie, but as long as it is won in Calama. Cobreloa went to do that job and with the possibility of winning, everyone knows the experience that Copiapó has in reversing results that were almost impossible, so I think it’s a golden point.”

For this reason, the historic former midfielder recommends that they work, facing the second round, mainly “the calm, the peace of mind that the players have to have, I think that is super important. Half the task is already accomplished. Now we have to wait for everything to go well, I think peace of mind is super important.”

“You don’t have to be sent off foolishly, I think you have to be calm, well, although when you’re inside sometimes you don’t measure the consequences, but I don’t know, you have to win. The only thing left is to winand we have the possibility of winning at home is the best“, he complements.

To close, he confesses that “as a fan and former player of this institution, I think we all know that Cobreloa is the northern zone, one of the biggest teams, so we have to hope that it can return to the First Division, and be able to be in the Copa Libertadores as it was in the past.”

“Hopefully with the good football that they can develop on Sunday and the quality that is needed for these matches, which is super important,” he concluded.

“These types of finals are defined by mistakes”

In the case of “Chifi” Rojas, former coach and multi-champion with the Loinos, he makes it clear that he expected more from the team led by Emiliano Astorga. “I really thought that Cobreloa was going to push them higher up, as he looked for it in the first half,” he points out to start.

Rojas argues that his high expectations regarding the orange team is due to “the quality of players it has”, but he does not hide his true opinion either. “The truth is that the point counts,” he explains.

For this reason, Chifi Rojas is glad to have to define everything in Zorros del Desierto. “At home is important,” he emphasizes. Of course, he warns that “the truth is that these types of finals are defined by errors or very small things, and I say this with the experience of having lost the final of the Copa Libertadores at the last minute.”

“Things are complicated, I have respect for Copiapó for what they have done and the quality of the players they have, it is a team that likes to play football. Cobreloa has a virtue, it closes the spaces and it is very difficult for them to enter “, Add.

Thus, to close, he tells a story to explain that you have to go with everything. “I have a phrase engraved in my head, from when I was 24 years old. The old Cantatore always said: “when I defend myself, I always lose””.

“The further away from my goal I have the other team, the better, but if I have them close with anything, someone who falls, a handball, a foul, anything, it’s more difficult. If Cobreloa wants to go up, it doesn’t depend on us, it depends of the teacher Astorga and what the players can do. I want to go up, as all the people want,” he concluded.

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