Holds the FPF responsible: Oblitas' position on the long list of guests who traveled with Peru to Qatar

The journey of Peruvian National Team to Doha left much more than an enormous sadness for the defeat, since a long list of guests was part of the national delegation accompanied the team of all on the plane, generating a controversy that Juan Carlos Oblitas took it upon himself to explain.

“The theme of the guests, that is handled by the Federation. This has happened a few other times and has nothing to do with the issue. At some point, the FPF will explain who are those who have traveled. I went directly to Doha. I don’t want to expand on the subject anymore because it doesn’t do us any good.”said the ‘Ciego’ at a press conference.

Secondly, Juan Carlos Oblitas revealed how visibly affected he is Ricardo Gareca for the removal of the Peruvian National Team. For this reason, he called on the national fans to show support for a group that gave everything for the country.

“Let’s not go back to the culture of defeat and negativity. When I say that the team didn’t win because we didn’t play a good game, that’s in a personal capacity. I have sat in place of Ricardo (he is in a bad mood) and I explain to them that they understand me ”he added.

In the FPF they want Gareca to stay

During the arrival of the delegation from the Peruvian National Team, after the tour of Qatar, the head of the FPF gave some scope on the situation of the ‘Tiger’ Gareca. In this sense, the president of the institution assured that the Argentine strategist is the priority and that, for now, in San Luis they are not thinking of another alternative for the position.

“We don’t have any plan B, while we still have the conversation with Professor Ricardo. There is no additional plan”Agustín Lozano told the media a few hours ago from the facilities of the Jorge Chávez International Airport.

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