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Holidays 2022 | How many holidays are left this year?

Holidays 2022 |  How many holidays are left this year?

Tomorrow is celebrated in our country the National Day of Indigenous Peoples, non-cancellable holiday that seeks to honor and recognize all the original peoples of our country.

This June 21 is also a sacred date for the Mapuche people because they celebrate the new year or We Tripantuday in which the maximum point of distance that the Sun can reach from the Earth occurs, that is, from this point the return begins, which represents a new beginning.

After this festivity comes the non-relinquishable religious holiday of Saint Peter and Saint Paulwhich falls next Monday June 27 and which corresponds to a long weekend.

This holiday is important for the Catholic religion since it commemorates and remembers the martyrdom lived in Rome of the apostles of Jesus, Simon Peter and Paul of Tarsus.

In addition to these holidays, there are 9 other holidays left this yearof which, only 3 are inalienable. If you want to know what they are, we will tell you below.

How many holidays are left this 2022?

After the holidays of June 21 and 27, the following holidays remain:

  • Saturday, 16 July: Day of the Virgin of Carmen.
  • Monday, 15 August: Assumption of the Virgin.
  • Sunday, 18 September: National Independence (unwaivable).
  • Monday, 19 September: Day of the Glories of the Army (unwaivable).
  • Monday, 10 october: Encounter of Two Worlds.
  • Monday, 31 october: Day of the Evangelical and Protestant Churches.
  • Tuesday, 1st november: All Saints Day.
  • Thursday, 8 december: Immaculate Conception.
  • Sunday, 25 december: Christmas (unwaivable).
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