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Registry of Alimony Debtors

Find out how and where you can check if you are registered in the registry of alimony debtors.

National Registry of Alimony Debtors
© Agency OneNational Registry of Alimony Debtors

It has already entered into force National Registry of Alimony Debtorswhich contains information on people who owe three consecutive months or five discontinuous months of alimony.

How do I know if I am in the registry of alimony debtors?

The platform to make the consultation not enabled yet, but it has already been reported that it should be working very soon. Once this happens, it will be possible to enter only with Unique Key.

You can consult the registry:

  • Debtor or debtor of food.
  • People benefited from them or their legal representative.
  • Family courts with competence in family matters.
  • State administration bodies and public entities.
  • Any other person or entity with an obligation to consult as determined by law.

What information does the registry have?

The debtor register contains information about the name of the debtornumber of your identity cardnumber of affected food, the debt amount and the amount of due fees.

In addition, you can review the individualization of the court that set or approved the pension and account data to make the payment.

What sanctions will there be for those who do not pay the pension?

Those who do not comply with the payment of the alimony debt may face the following sanctions:

  • retention of taxes devolution.
  • Withholding of part of the funds of a bank credit for 50 UF or more.
  • To the sell a property registration of the transfer may be prevented.
  • In the case of the vehicle sales, the Civil Registry will only register the transfer of ownership if it is proven that the debt will be paid with the profits.
  • You can be denied driver’s license.
  • They may not request the issuance or renewal of the passport.
  • Withholding of wages general managers or directors of public limited companies with stock market transactions.
  • Inability to receive some benefits or government bonds.
  • Remuneration withholdings for the payment of the debt.
  • Payment of the debt with the Compensation for years of service of the debtor fired from work.
  • Alimony debts will be a priority in judicial enforcement proceedings.

How to exit the registry?

Debtors may leave the registry only if they pay the debt or reach an agreement payment.

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