"How do you call this ?" : when Minister Olivier Véran does not remember the name of his coalition

Invited on the set of “C à vous”, Olivier Véran, recently elected deputy for the first constituency of Isère, had come to analyze the results of the legislative elections. “Everything is played at 1%”, said Emmanuel Macron’s minister about the coalition “Together!” of which he was a part.

However, Olivier Véran had obviously forgotten the name of his rally. Then asked about the future balance of power in the National Assembly, Olivier Véran could not come back to the name of his new coalition. “Can the Nupes make a majority? No. And the Nupes will not join the National Rally. So there is no alternative to the idea of ​​a majority starting from… What is it called? “, hesitated the French minister before finding his words, “Together !”.

This stammering did not escape the presenter Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.You have been elected under the Together label! yet “, she launched with humor. “If even you, you get lost in it…”

Olivier Véran then appeared somewhat embarrassed by his clumsiness. “Yes, it’s Together!, because it’s La République en Marche, Renaissance, the Modem and Horizons. But I’ve never been into the party stuff. I have infinite respect for those who take care of it, but I…”

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