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Libertadores Cup

Some say that it is a classic, others that it is not. For his part, MisterChip contributed an important piece of information to the debate: Colo Colo vs. Universidad Católica is the fifth most repeated duel in the history of the Copa Libertadores.

Isn't it classic?  The cup data of Colo Colo vs UC
© ONE AgencyIsn’t it classic? The cup data of Colo Colo vs UC

The statements of Maximiliano Falcón, who in April stated that the duel between Colo Colo and Universidad Católica was not a classic, triggered a whole soccer debate. Some stated that the encounter between whites and crusaders is classic, while others argued that it is not.

But if we go to the numbers, the duel becomes very relevant. This Wednesday, the statistician MisterChip shared a publication about the most repeated duels in the history of the Copa Libertadores and Colo Colo vs. Universidad Católica took fifth place.

The Cacique and the cast of the Strip have met 16 times in the continental tournament. The last one was on March 17, 1999, when both clubs were in group 4. UC won on that occasion: they beat Colo Colo 3-1 at the National Stadium with crossed goals from Marco Antonio Figueroa, Marcelo Carracedo and Hector Tapia.

Nacional vs. Peñarol from Uruguay (38 times), Cerro Porteño vs. Olimpia from Paraguay (34 times), Boca Jrs. vs. River Plate from Argentina (28 times), Independiente vs. River from Argentina (19 times) are the other duels that are part of the list.

The reason why Colo Colo vs Universidad Católica is among the most repeated -and also the other matches only between clubs from the same country- is the old format of the Copa Libertadores. Until 2000, the continental tournament had two teams from two countries in each group.

Although there is something important to note: unlike other duels on the list, where the casts have met in more modern versions, Colo Colo and Universidad Católica have not met again in the Copa Libertadores since the format changed.

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