Neymar's luxurious new car fully customized

Neymar He demonstrated on more than one occasion his love for luxurious and extravagant cars. The footballer has a garage in his home full of impressive machines and his collection is made up of brands such as Ferrari or Lamborghineither. However, this Friday he uploaded a photo in which he is seen with a new fully customized car that caused a furor.

The striker of paris st germain He not only points to gasoline cars but also likes electric models and this time he was invited by a firm as a global ambassador for Next e. Go.

Neymar’s luxurious new car fully customized

Through his Instagram account, he uploaded a photo in which he can be seen with the new e.wave X model, from the German brand. For many, this car may resemble the Smart due to its dimensions and characteristics, since it is 3.34 meters long. However, it has a new battery with which it manages to have a greater autonomy of 240 kilometers.

Ney showed off his new custom car

Ney showed off his new custom car

In the photo you can see it with the green carand that is valued from 24990 euros and it was made with 3D printed parts that allow the appearance of the vehicle to be changed.

The Brazilian is betting on electric cars, which in recent times have generated a greater number of sales and are slowly seeking to establish themselves in the market in order to build a world in which traveling by car is more ecological.

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